Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Favorite Birth Videos

I've been super stressed out because of moving. Really, moving/packing wouldn't be that big of a deal, but it's moving and packing in conjunction with several other things happening in my life at the moment including numerous parking tickets plus parking court, my car (whose acquisition I still need to blog about) not passing inspection on four different trips to the mechanic (Pennsylvania, you're making me hate you!), feeling hot, humid, fat and frumpy, the stack of dishes on my counter that haven't been done due to everything else, and my whole life being in general a succession of small but overwhelming tasks. (Longest run-on sentence ever in the history of this blog.)

So today I watched some of my favorite birth videos on youtube to remind myself what I really should be focusing on.  I LOVE watching birth videos of natural home and water births and this was the most encouraging thing I could have done to relieve the stress I've been under lately. Eating a pint of ice cream out of the carton (no clean bowls) with a fork (no clean spoons) was not a good decision. But this? Good decision, Elisabeth.

I'm going to be giving birth in roughly eight weeks and I need to be preparing myself, mentally and physically, for that experience. Letting other things stress me out is a hindrance in every way. Part of how I keep my mind on the road ahead is by watching birth videos. Here is a list of my favorite youtube birth videos. I've noted the ones that might be considered graphic so you can avoid them if you so choose, though I don't personally consider natural birth to be graphic.

#1. Accidentally Unassisted Homebirth - The mom in the video gave birth while her husband was down stairs letting the midwife in. It's just her and her baby in the bathtub. This one isn't graphic at all.

#2. Waterbirth: Mom catches own baby - In this video the mom is at a birth center in a tub and the midwives stand back as she catches her own baby. I'm hoping I get to catch Baby Snider myself. This one is also not graphic.

#3. Flex Born in bed at home - This is actually an ad that has aired in Europe for a bed. I think it's amazing (in a good way) that this sort of thing is allowed to air across the pond. I can't imagine American audiences standing for it. Since this is an ad it's artfully shot in such a way that you can't actually see anything graphic in this one either.

#4. Waterbirth Baby Born in the Sac -  Awe inspiring video of a mother giving birth, her child still in the caul. (This means her water never broke.) Eventually the midwife reaches down, releases the child from the sac and hands the child up to the mother. Graphic.

#5. Clio's Freebirth - Part of a Discovery Health special on women who choose to give birth without the assistance of a midwife. This one amazes me as the mother appears to have a completely pain-free birth. She's talking to the baby's father through out the whole thing as if there is nothing special happening at all. The baby simply slips out and she picks him up without so much as a grimace! In this one the mother is naked, but since it's shot for tv, parts of the body are blurred out. Some might still consider this graphic.


  1. are you planning on having a water birth? where do you go for that sort of thing in Pittsburgh?

  2. UGH I know, car inspections! What a giant pain. I also grumble a lot about the wage tax they have here. Grumble grumble grumble.

    Good luck with things!

  3. @ Sevenmarie - I'm hoping to have a waterbirth. During labor I may not feel like being in the water, though, so I'm open to the idea of not birthing in water. It just depends on how I feel. I'm having a homebirth, so there's a midwife who is coming to my house - I don't have to go anywhere!

    @Kacie - Yes, GIANT pain. I want to kill car inspections.

  4. Yay for YouTube birth videos!! I don't know if I could ever post a video of my baby's birth on there but I'm glad other people do!! :)
    I love number 2 a lot. That's also one of my favorite birth videos too. And of course number 4 is awesome!

  5. I'm proud of you for deciding to do a home birth. I really wanted to do a water birth but that would have meant I needed to go to a German hospital- not cool. Besides, I couldn't handle it after I hit 6cm anyway so I didn't go natural- I was pretty bummed out about that one. But not everyone can handle it! I also pulled Camden out. While that sounds totally disgusting it was the COOLEST thing ever to experience!

  6. oh and you wouldn't believe the things they put on tv here... craziness!

  7. There's something about seeing a woman give birth that fills me with awe, every time. Good job for wanting to do it the natural way! This makes you officially a cool person, in my book. And Silas.

    I plan on doing a home-birth also...just as soon as I umm get a wife :D

  8. Good for you, Andrew!

    Hey, no link to your mom giving birth to your little brother? Coolest birth video EVER!


    Watching home birth videos calms me, too.

  9. lol about not sharing your moms video :)

    sorry about the inspections and overall stress at this time when you should not be stressing, I believe baby feels your stress, so I hope you have been relaxing!

    I thought I would LOVE the jacuzzi when I was in labor w/ baby #2 and I hated it, but I loved it the 3rd time around.

    I am such a birth junky! I can watch videos a;; day and sob each time :) I am also in love with birth photography, I love, she does amazing work, amazing slide shows...I have photographed 3 births and hoping to do more in that area!!....what are you thoughts on having your hb video'd or photographed...I would photo yours for free :)

    I had #1 and #2 video;d but chose to not video or have a photographer come w/ #3...


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