Sunday, July 11, 2010

35 Weeks... only five more to go...

Baby Snider is running out of room. Now when he/she moves I feel it in my back, sides, ribs, and belly button all at once! It's beginning to get uncomfortable, but at the same time I'm cherishing this time with my baby. My belly is beginning to itch. Everytime the baby moves I put my hands on my belly; I feel like I'm cuddling Baby Snider all the time. I feel so privileged to get to carry this little life inside me. I don't think I'm ready to let Baby Snider come out yet. I love being pregnant.

The birth seems so close now. I think about it a great deal. I think about what music I'd like to play, I think about what room I might like to birth in, I think about what food I want to have in the house to snack on during labor. Our new house has the most enormously deep bathtub in it. Every time I take a bath I wonder if I'll labor or even deliver in it. I wonder what real contractions feel like, if I will be a quiet birther or screamer, if I will cry when the baby rests on the outside of my belly for the first time.

I wonder if I will want lots of hands on support from my husband, sister, sister-in-law and my midwife, or if I'll want to be left completely alone while laboring. I wonder if this sentimental streak that's been manifesting itself is a result of pregnancy or if I've actually become a sentimental person by becoming a mother.

I'm sorry this blog has been so boring these past weeks. I've just been floating through life lately, trying to enjoy everything before it all changes so dramatically. Blogging has sort of fallen by the wayside. I'm ready to pick it up again, though. You'll just have to bear with me through the multitude of posts on birth and my thoughts in relation. Soon there will just be tons and tons and tons of pictures of Baby Snider.


  1. I so completely understand... it's such a profound transition! Thank you for sharing when you can.

  2. Boring?! Quite the opposite, dearest!
    mom snider

  3. You've always been a sentimental person. It's not just the mom thing ;-)

  4. I totally love your post about your pregnancy :) You'll look back reading this and you'll be glad you wrote everything :)

  5. Thanks for sharing with us and for the pics. It's been great to see your tummy grow and can't wait to see if you have a new baby girl or boy.

    As for labor.........just go with whatever happens and don't try to force things. Mother Nature has a plan for everything. All in good time she says.

    Enjoy your quiet time while you can. Cuz once the baby is's no longer quiet.


  6. With my first labor I HAD to have someone rubbing my back during contractions. It was the only way I'd get through them and I'd panic if they weren't right there when a contraction started. With my second I didn't want anyone touching me at all! lol I hope and pray you have an awesome, blessed, and safe birth. These are wonderful times. :)

  7. That brought tears to my eyes. How I miss being pregnant... Love you Elisabeth. You're going to be a wonderful mom :)


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