Thursday, July 15, 2010

Home is a sweet word.

So, I've been telling you lovely people that the reason I haven't been blogging is because I've been unpacking in our new place. This is the truth. But in case you don't believe me (And I don't know WHY you wouldn't, seriously people.) I've got some pictures of our nice new home to share with you. In case you want to compare to our last home, here are pictures from when we first moved to Pittsburgh last September.

This is the living room. Prettiful, no? I love all the light.
This is also the living room. This is the part where you see our ginormous tv. It was given to us by friends who were getting a new one. The tales of getting that tv up a flight of stairs into our old apartment and then back down to move into this house would make your hair stand on end. Basically, several people almost died. Death by tv squashage. It happens, folks.

Hi there! It's me! And my brother who I bribed with an ice cream sandwich to leave the xbox alone for a few minutes so I could take these pictures. Mostly he stayed out of the way. But he strayed into this photo...
I love that we filled the fireplace with our favorite books.
Not only do I love this arch, but I love the clay cross that hangs above it. Silas's parents gave it to us the day we got engaged. It's very special to me. It was the first thing I hung up when we moved in.
 Through that lovely door is the dining room. But it's a mess. We don't have a table yet and all of Silas's computer gear (and he has a buttload) is being stored in there. The only thing worth sharing are my teacups up on the mantle.
Through the dining room is the kitchen. *happy sigh*
This corner by the sink, in particular, makes me happy. (And yes, those ARE dirty dishes in my sink. I'm human, people.)
There isn't much cabinet space in the kitchen, so I have this little shelf (or, rather, I stole it from Silas) for more storage space. See that case of Pepsi? It's not. It's a case of Nalley's chili that Margaret brought me from Oregon. Oh, Margaret, thy character is most beautiful.
Okie dokie, let's go upstairs. This is the bathroom.
Do you SEE that paisley shower curtain?! It was on sale. We were meant for each other. Britt told me it was ugly. I told her her face was ugly. Then we went and got ice cream. End of story.
Why yes, this toilet actually WORKS! The toilet at our old house only worked about one in three uses. if it broke while I was using it I would break down in tears and bawl about how indoor plumbing is supposed to work for me. And Silas would tell me to put on my big girl panties and deal with it. End of that story.
On to the guest room! This is where Ellie and Christa will stay when they arrive in a few weeks to help with the birth. We'll be putting a desk and another bed in this room before they get here. ACH! Can't wait for their arrival!
And this, my friends, is my/our room. This is my favorite room in the house for many reasons, but most importantly THIS IS THE ROOM WITH AIR CONDITIONING. Never underestimate the power of cool. Or the miserableness of unairconditioned Pittsburgh summers.
There's my desk, at which I am currently sitting. And there's the mirror I take all of my pregnant pictures in. And our bed. The most comfortable place in the world, I'm pretty sure. Oh, I love our bed. It's about 489 billion times better than the first six months of our marriage, when we slept on twin mattresses pushed together on the floor.
And the mantle. I haven't decided what to do with it yet. I think I'm going to paint a huge picture to hang above it. But it hasn't happened yet. Oh, and note the closet. There were none at our old place.
Aaaaaaand that's all for now! I'll post pictures of the dining and sewing rooms when they are not a mess of boxes and cannibalized laptops. Peace, love, and popsicles!


  1. Yay! It's gorgeous!

    (Also, I am still unpacking from when we moved a year ago. And I haven't been pregnant in that time. I'm in awe of you!)

  2. Love your new digs, just wish I could see them in person right now! Why not paint a picture for the inside of the mantle? Silas and his brothers made faux fire for our fireplace in Phoenix. Happy nesting, dearest.
    mom snider

  3. You sound excited. Of course, you sounded equally excited about your first place, but you were just married and everything...

  4. The house looks so nice Lizzie!
    The guest bedroom looks a little small though ;D

  5. I love your house! I hope my boyfriend and I find one just as nice. The books in the fireplace is a cute idea!
    By the way, I commented what seems like years ago on your Seamstress blog because I loved your Regency wear!


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