Saturday, July 24, 2010

Out of my comfort zone and into the blogosphere.

So. Last night I did something I've wanted to do for a very long time but have never done. I went to a Pittsburgh mommy blogger meetup.  I almost chickened out. On Monday I turned to Silas and said "You remember that meetup I told you I might want to go to?" "Yup." "I don't know if I still want to go." Silas rolled his eyes at me "Why not?" "What if they don't like me?" "Then you can leave." "Oh. Yeah. I guess I could do that." "You should go." So I did. I was blown away by how nice everyone was.

I met several people whose blogs I have followed since I first moved to Pittsburgh last year and was looking for good local blogs and I also met lots of people who I follow on twitter. In fact, everyone's nametag had their first name and their twitter tag on it. (I.E. mine said "Elisabeth (@Epsnider)".) Every table sat four ladies and on every table there were four smart phones, keeping their owners (Of which I am one) updated on the happenings in the blogosphere, twitter, and their homes (most of them had kids that were at home with their husbands).

The event was hosted by IKEA. And yeah, they really treated us well. There were lots of different kinds of wine and beer which, of course, I was prevented from partaking in on pain of being grounded by Silas (He takes the "no alcohol during pregnancy" thing very seriously.). There was also some sparkly fruity drink for me and the 87 other pregnant women who were there. (I exaggerate. But only barely. I was one of at least 5 pregnant chicks.) And of course, there was awesome food. I've never eaten anything at IKEA before (besides their hotdogs) and let me tell you, the Swedish meatballs were TASTY! 

I had a little fan girl moment when I first met Burgh Baby. I was all "Hi, I'm Elisabeth and I read your blog." and she was all "Hi! When are you due? Yes, I really am as awesome in person as I am online." Meeting people you blog stalk is kind of a surreal experience. I was totally thrilled to sit at a table and talk about babies, breastfeeding and life in general with Cari, Red Pen Mama, and Clumber Kim. It's SO WEIRD to be sitting across from people you "know" but have never met.  I also got the chance to meet and talk to Jayesel (Talk about a beautiful pregnant woman!), 3weasels, Gina, Cara, and a slew of other people, who I know I am forgetting... forgive me. I need to update my blog roll.

I wish I had taken pictures of people (and food), but I was too shy. Next time I will do better. Yup, I said "next time, because I definitely plan on doing this again.


  1. i always am scared to go to new things. I am always like "what if i say something stupid" to which Gary usually replies "so what you will probably never see these people again, especially if you don't want to" I will usually end up going but not talking to anyone! :(

    I don't know WHAT I would do if I ever met Cleolinda Jones or Dooce (heather armstrong)!

    I <3 Ikea's Swedish meatballs! We have gone there several times JUST to get the meatballs!

  2. I've been doing burghmom meet-ups for quite a while now, and I STILL come home and wish I had talked to more people, taken more photos, etc. It was great meeting you, and I am looking forward to meeting Baby Snider in the future!

  3. I second what Gina said- I always leave BurghMom events thinking 'OH CRAP, I didn't get a chance to talk to [insert name here]!' They're just so much fun and so crazy, which I guess is a good thing ;)

    It was nice meeting you (if it was only briefly!) and I hope we can meet up again soon!!!

  4. i've wanted to go to a blogger meetup for a while now, but they scare me! woo for you getting out of your comfort zone. it sounds like you had a good time!

  5. I have to ditto Gina and Jayesel. It doesn't matter how long we all sit there, there are always a handful of people that I'm like DANGNABIT! I didn't get to talk to her enough! Every. single. time.

    Good thing we do it every month.

    Just think, next time, Baby Snider will likely be around!

  6. I wish I knew about this! Please tell me about the next one. I haven't met any local bloggers :(

  7. I fourth the "wish I had talked to X and Y more!" But it was wonderful to talk with you and meet you. I'm glad you came out. We really are harmless, unless you consider laughing until you pee to be harmful. Which it is only to your laundry.


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