Sunday, August 1, 2010

More nesting = More sewing

I recently completed this baby romper from a pattern I bought off of ebay. I've made a couple of baby dresses, but I wanted to make some more boy clothes in case Baby Snider turns out to be a boy.
It snaps closed between the legs. The shoulder straps are actually also snaps; the buttons are just for decoration.
But aren't they the greatest buttons!?
I love the pleats in the front. They were easy to do and look great. The pocket is made of a tiny scrap of moleskin I happened to have saved for a project like this.
I also made these baby shoes from this free pattern. They are very similar to Robeez. The soles are made from bonded fleece. So the outside is leather and the inside is ridiculously soft. The heel is corduroy and the top is Amy Butler fabric... I couldn't help myself. It was on sale and I knew I wanted it for shoes so I only bought about 1/4 yard.
Speaking of Amy Butler... I recently bought Little Stitches for Little Ones on Amazon for about nine dollars, shipped. And I LOVE THIS BOOK. The patterns for all the projects are included and it's filled with adorable baby things. I mean, this book even got me excited about crib bedding! I just finished making one of the diaper bag patterns in this book this afternoon, so I'll probably be doing a post on it here shortly. 

Of course, if you follow my twitter feed you'll have already seen pictures, because as soon as Silas pronounced it to be "Awesome!" I just had to share the awesomeness.


  1. Jaw drop. THE SHOES ARE INCREDIBLE! I envy the talent, E! I do!

  2. So very cute! I've wanted to make those shoes for my little Christopher, but am not going to until he walks.

    I did make him a romper. I was proud of that romper. It wasn't as nice as yours... but it was my third piece of clothing I had sewn.

    (just so you know I'm from HSA not just some random person who started following your blog)

  3. omg! The baby shoes are so adorable!

  4. should make these to sell on etsy or something!

    (this is Sarai from HSA, btw)


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