Friday, September 24, 2010

Update time for the Sniders

I have been more absent from this place than I would like. I have been very busy learning to live my life with a baby in tow, piercing my nose, acquiring 137$ speeding tickets and making sure my son has constant access to food aka the boob.

Really though, it isn't the hole in my nose or my run in with a police officer which explains the lack of bloggage. It's totally the constantly hungry baby thing. And since Gideon is not yet able to stay attached to his food source on his own, my hands are pretty much tied. I can usually sneak one hand away to check facebook or update my twitter feed, but blogging requires two hands and is therefore a bit of a challenge.

I hope very soon to get back into the swing of my usual blog fodder since I am becoming an epic one-handed typist. But for now it's quick update time for the Sniders:
  • Gideon is getting huge. Every morning I pick him up and he weighs more than when I put him down. He has smiled at both Silas and I, but nothing consistent yet. 
    • When he finally starts smiling though, I think he will smile a lot because he's a super happy baby.
  • Cloth diapering is still going great and I'm still planning on doing a whole post devoted to that when I get the chance.
    • I haven't started with the EC yet, but I bought a baby potty at IKEA the other day.
  • Silas went back to work a couple weeks ago and is loving his job as much as ever.
    • But I have yet to get a tour of their new office in Bakery Square. Soon.
  • Our friend, Ian, was recently hired by Google so he moved here to Pittsburgh. He's living in our attic till he gets his own place. We're thrilled to have him around. 
    • Last night I came home from the young mommies discipleship group that I attend to discover Silas and Ian sitting on the floor of our bedroom absorbed in Minecraft. Nerds are so cute!
  • We need to sell our car so we can get something more practical... If you know someone looking for a 2002 Firebird convertible with Corvette tires, let me know. It's super fun to drive and has been well maintained.
    • We'd also be willing to trade it for a comparable family car/van.
That's all for now. I have a bunch of chubby baby pictures to post in the near future, though, so stay tuned!


  1. Don't fret, you'll be back to typing up a storm in no time. Until then, just post pics and we'll be happy to see the reason why your hands are so tied up.

    Have fun being a Mommy!


  2. That's totally understandable to be away from blogosphere if you're that busy. :D aw busy mommy! :D does he keep you awake at night a lot?


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