Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Diapers, nappies, dispensers...

Whatever you want to call them, if you have a kid you're probably interested in poop catchers. (That is, unless you decide to EC.) I knew what I wanted to do with Gideon way before I ever got pregnant with him. I knew for years that I would cloth diaper my kids at whatever point I happened to have them. My reasons were both environmental, economical and health based.
Gideon in a prefold fastened with diaper pins. No plastic pants.
The problem was that I wasn't too enamored with prefolds. It's not the actual prefolds I don't like, it's the plastic pants. They chafe, they get discolored, and they don't breath at all. Not to mention that make a tiny baby bum HUGE. Prefolds, however, are pretty much useless without plastic pants. (I've been told that prefolds + diaper covers are a better option; I haven't looked into it myself.) But after seeing Angie diaper her boys I knew I wanted to use all in one pocket diapers. It was love at first sight.
Part of my diaper collection.
When I became pregnant and people began to ask me what I needed for the baby I told them I needed diapers. And people were very generous. I didn't end up purchasing a single one of the 18 diapers I needed for Gideon. I have a couple different kinds, so I'll introduce you to them!
Bum genius diapers - both the snap and the velcro variety.
I have six Bumgenius diapers with snaps and six with velcro. They are both one size fits all and are supposed to fit the entire time your baby is in diapers. We started using them with Gideon when he was three weeks old and they fit just fine. They come with inserts that you put in the pocket to absorb all the wetness. They are easy to use, easy to clean, and Gideon has yet to get a diaper rash that lasted more than a day.
FuzziBunz diapers come in great colors.
I also have six FuzziBunz diapers. FuzziBunz are not one size fits all, like the Bumgenius diapers, but the medium size covers wide variety of sizes. Gideon was a six weeks old before these fit him very well, but I anticipate these fitting well into his toddler years. These are much, much softer than the Bumgenius diapers on the inside but they don't wick moisture quite as well. They come in cool colors and the snaps seem to work better than the Bumgenius diapers.
Gideon in a Bumgenius diaper with snaps.
I was afraid cloth diapering would take a lot of time and energy, but it really doesn't. I do a load of diapers every three days - if I had a few more diapers I could get away with washing even less often. You just shake the liners out of the pockets and wash in hot water with half the detergent. (Too much soap reduces absorbency.) Once every six weeks I wash them with bleach to keep them from getting cruddy.
Britt + Gideon in a FuzziBunz diaper.
The only thing about pocket diapers is that they are a bit pricey up front. It's about $350 to get started with pocket diapers - that's roughly $18 a diaper. ( Right now there's a sale at where you can get 18 for $260.) But when you think about how expensive disposable diapers are over time, it's really much cheaper to use cloth. Not to mention you avoid all that diaper trash that goes into landfills!  I'd like to have a few more diapers, so I'm planning to make some when I get the time. I don't think they'd be very hard to make, especially the velcro ones. And I'm pretty sure I could make them for between $5 and $10 a diaper.

I'll let you know how that goes...


  1. Aw fun! I am planning to update about my cloth diapering on my blog.

    We use prefolds and covers (love Flips, which is so similar to a BumGenius anyway, Econobums and Thirsties Duos).

    The Flip cover looks pretty much exactly like the BumGenius 4.0, except it's just a cover rather than a pocket diaper.

    We had a Fuzzibunz one-size diaper but I got rid of that in a swap. It just didn't fit him well.

    We have one BumGenius 3.0 and my son is just about to outgrow it. He is NOT 35 lbs. He's maybe 30-31. And he is NOT potty-trained. So...yikes!

    Oh, and a diaper is either "all in one" OR it's a "pocket." The all-in-ones don't have a pocket at all, I think. I've never messed with an AIO so there might be some with pockets too? I dunno.

    I am just about over diapers in general. My son fights me on diaper changes these days and it's a pain. We're using disposables at night and when we'll be away from home now because it's just more convenient for me. But I know when I start up again with my baby girl soon, it'll be ok. Cuz she can't run away from me yet :)

  2. We use Fuzzibunz and I really, really like them. Super easy to clean and keep up with. More so than I originally thought. (Although we still use disposables when we're going to be out and about for a long period of time.)

    You are right- the start up costs are high but I figured out that if I used them between just two children, over time I would have saved roughly $4-5,000 in diaper costs based on what we WERE paying for disposables before we made the switch! So the savings is astronomical. That ALONE was a good enough argument for me!

  3. One of the great benefits of cloth, especially for boys, is that they don't heat up the groin area like disposables. The verdict is still out on whether too much heat as an infant results in infertility later... so better to be safe, I say! Congratulations to you on researching this stuff and not just taking the easy way. Very cute baby!

  4. We love our BumGenius pockets, too! You can actually get one-size FuzziBunz as well and I tried a few, but we like BumGenius better because it keeps the moisture away from the skin, like you mentioned. Oh, and while they are expensive, have you looked on I bought my whole diaper collection there. Partly used, partly new. And I paid around $12 apiece for each pocket diaper and insert.

    I haven't ever used bleach on my diapers because I've been afraid to, but we've been having stink issues lately, so maybe I should consider it.

  5. We were friends on HSA and I read your blog from time to time... reading this one made me think of this site that a friend of mine has:

    (Well, it's her Facebook page but you get the point!)

  6. Those sound like great diapers! My friend, Mandy, had a baby back in September, and she just recently posted (on her blog) pictures of the pocket diapers she made. You can check it out here:

    It looks like little Gids is doing very well!

  7. So cute! You'll love sewing diapers, it's addicting! I used the pattern as a pocket out of flannel, stuff it with a prefold, and put wool over it. Until we started solids. I will cloth diaper a toddler if $ is an issue, but I prefer chlorine free disposables once their poo stinks :P


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