Tuesday, October 12, 2010

He's getting plenty to eat, thanks.

I took Gideon for his 2 month wellness visit today. He was in the 90th percentile for everything. "Basically" said Dr. K. "Gideon is the size of a 4 month old." This was already clear to me, as Gideon now wears 3-6 month clothing.  "He got this big just by breastfeeding!? Have you been supplementing?" Dr. K. asked, quite astonished at his size. I was only too happy to inform him that my body had not failed me in the area of feeding my child.
He then proceed to tell me he was shocked that I had enough milk to satisfy him. And he offered me formula samples in case Gideon got too hungry and I didn't have enough milk. I told him that my breasts had served me just fine in the way of providing for my child thus far and I didn't foresee supply being a problem at any time in the near future.
We love our pediatrician. We chose him because he is ok with our choices about vaccinations and because he does not talk down to us. But I don't understand why he is so quick to doubt my ability to breastfeed. Gideon is a big boy. If anything, I would think that would be evidence that I'm feeding him all that he needs!
 Anyway. Gideon is 2 months old and doing beautifully. He's huge and is balding via male pattern baldness. He loves to talk and laugh with Daddy and cuddle up in warm blankets with Mommy. And best of all, for the past week or so he's been sleeping for a good 5 and a half hour stretch at night! *happy dance*

I am finally going to get around to blogging about diapers by the end of this week, I promise...


  1. UGH! First, you are doing a GREAT job with your son!

    Second, I am so amazed/frustrated at how ill-informed so many pediatricians are on breastfeeding. Apparently it's not something they learn about in medical school. They should!

    What if you were a less-informed mom? Or if you didn't have as much confidence in your nursing? Or, *gasp* what if he was say, in the 25th percentile and the doc tried to push you to supplement, when really there was no problem?

    Just keep on doing what you're doing :)

  2. I just wanted to say that I am of the opinion that your child gets cuter by the day. Even his recent baldness is cute. And his wide-eyed stare.... priceless. :D
    95%... and the doctor is worried about him?!?! :P

  3. You know, despite the help of lactation consultants, vitamins, supplements, dietary changes, a doula, and a doctor, a specialist, my husband, and my mother who were totally supportive of breastfeeding, my milk did not have enough fat and nutrients for my baby after about three months.

    I didn't start supplementing with formula until five months, because everyone knows that good mothers only breastfeed and NEVER feed their children formula (said sadly sarcastically).

    I could have spared him from nearly starving and me from a lot of stress if I had been willing to concede that some good mothers have to feed their babies formula.

    So I guess my message is, if things don't work out, you're not a bad mom or a bad person if you use formula. I wish more people had told me that.

  4. Doctors... I think they just need to say something to feel important.

  5. Wow - almost as much as his Dad weighed at two months, 16 lbs. 1 oz., though Si started off at 9lbs. 4 oz. When it's obvious that my baby is growing perfectly well, I have to wonder about the Dr.'s pushing the formula. But, after nursing seven good-sized kids each for a year before introducing solids, I was grateful for formula when the eighth and the ninth were not able to do so. Sure, my pride was hurt, and I had to do stuff like add baby probiotics to their feedings, but they are happy and healthy children today. God bless you, Elisabeth, and keep up the good work!
    Love ya,

  6. Yes! Talk about diapers! My mom had 3 nine-pounders so I'm fully expecting a big guy in about a month, and haven't gotten too many clothes in the newborn and 0-3 month sizes as a result. But I'm curious to know how many of the tiny diapers I'll need or if we'll be able to use cloth almost right away. I went ahead and ordered 160 newborn disposables today, though, because I'm scared of not being prepared!

  7. You are blessed!! :) And what can I say about doctors except that they see everything and maybe he hadn't had his morning coffee? ;-)

    To his credit, I believe he meant well. :-)

  8. He is gorgeous! (Is it ok to say that about a baby boy?)

  9. That doc does not sound educated enough about breastfeeding. Not to mention that docs get major incentives to get everyone hooked on formula. Lots of us have had really good sucess with exclusive nursing and can judge a healthy baby being in the 90th percentile (roll eyes). I do have to say I HATE the nose ring *snort*! If you HAVE to wear one why not some cute *tiny* little sparkling diamond? *grin*

  10. I know this is an older post (I missed it between moving) but what in the world are you eating/drinking/taking to be providing such rich milk for this little (big) guy?!

    I usually have trouble with producing rich enough milk with most of my babies. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Stressing too much? Eating the wrong stuff? Who knows.

    Good job Mama! Keep up the fabulous work! :-)
    Janet...mamachildress (your Mom knows me :-) )

  11. oh yeah, where's the diaper post? I love, love, love talking cloth diapers! :-)

    Blessings again,

  12. Haha! That's hilarious. Aftasie, too, has gained a lot of weight and is a fairly big baby - at 4 months she's almost 26 inches long and 16 pounds (up from birth, 7.5 lbs + 19"). I can't imagine anyone saying that your breastmilk is not enough when the baby is growing so well! It's crazy.
    Janet, do you have a feeding schedule? Aftasie my daughter fed almost continuously for the beginning month or so, and still feeds very frequently, generally. I think that's most of the reason she has grown so much. I don't know, though, and I have very little experience! :)


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