Thursday, October 28, 2010

Les Feuilles Mortes

Autumn is here, ladies and gentlemen. And no, I don't mean my sister-in-law. Although that would be nice.
I'm talking about that wonderful end-of-summer season! And you know what the arrival of Fall means? Other than the fact that I'm outside for longer than it takes to get from an air-conditioned space to my car.
It means it time to take your baby, cover him in leaves, and take a gazillion photos! If nothing else they make great blog fodder... and I need to get on the ball since NaBloPoMo is coming up on Monday. (I say WHAT! It's November already!?!)
My baby, unfortunately, was pretty grumpy on our "go to the park and pose for Mommy" trip. He was none too pleased with me and I had to employ all my Mommy Skillz to coax this smile out of him.
Most of the pictures I took of him looked something like this. Grump. I tried to convince him to take one for the team and slap a smile on. After all, this is for posterity, child!
Gideon: Mommy! I want the boooooob!
Mommy: Come on, it's not like I dressed you up like piglet! (Wait till he sees what he's wearing to the costume party tomorrow.)
 I finally took a break from making ridiculous faces at a grumpy baby and whipped out the baby feeders. Of course, I forgot the nursing cover at home. But hey, I'm getting really good at this "feeding discretely without a cover" thing.
I love these sleepers. I think I'm going to buy about 87 of them and dress him in nothing else for the duration of the cold weather.
Annnnnd, here is a milk drunk baby for you. He's always so chill after he eats.
Almost as chill as he was the other night when Daddy let him suck pumpkin ice cream off of his finger. Mommy had a cow and said something along the lines of "OMG! He's going to die in the next 20 minutes!" 'Nyway.
When we were done taking pictures we went over to play on the playground. It was the first time I ever put Gideon in a swing. I can't do swings unless take motion sickness medication. I'm living vicariously through my son.
He thought he was pretty hot stuff. It was so precious Mommy had to get the camera out again. I go in spurts, taking pictures of everything one week, then not even turning the camera on the next. Scatterbrained, thy name is Elisabeth.
Seriously, though, how can you NOT love this little face? I just want to kiss it all over! And I frequently do.
Happy Fall! I hope all of you are enjoying the season as much as we Sniders are!


  1. Awww! He is getting so big so fast. You should try to stay away from the "no camera" moods :D
    And even when you don't have time to post a post with words, you should just post pictures. Cause he is so darned cute! :D

  2. So very, very, cute!! Even in grump mode. lol I'd want to kiss his little face all over, too. My "baby" just turned 3 and she's not much for being attacked with kisses.

  3. So adorable!! How quickly he's growing. I'm always amazed at how soon they leave the infant stage behind.

    And Fall is my favorite time of year to take pictures. So many bright colors.. they seem to go with anything and anyone...

  4. The face in the last swing picture - so cute! Baby smiles are the best. And it sounds like you are a natural at this mom thing.

  5. oh my goodness!! what a cutie!

    found your blog through CMOMB ;)

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