Friday, November 5, 2010

The 5th of November

So this morning started off at 1 a.m. when someone began violently banging on my door.

I assumed, at first, that the person banging on my door was mistaken as to which house they desired to disturb and would go away. This did not happen. In fact, after two or three bouts of knocking I was pretty sure this was the residence desired and I started freaking out. The knocking was getting impatient, but the chances of me answering the door alone were none to absolutely none.

Since Silas was out of town, I yelled up the stairs at Ian to please come down because I was really freaked out, then I walked back to my room to wait for him to come down. That's when I saw flashing lights through my curtain. I gathered my courage and peeped out to see two plain clothes men with badges. One of them was holding a flashing light of some kind and he saw me. "This is the police, would you please come down?" I nodded and held up my finger to signify it would be a second.

I'm sure it took Ian a grand total of 1 minute to wake up and come down stairs, but it seemed like a long time. Then we went down to answer the door. The police asked to speak to some guy neither of us knew. Apparently he was using our address on his license. I didn't ask why they were looking for him but I speculate it had something to do with a parole violation.

They were very nice, showed us the picture of the guy, asked for the landlord's number and left. I shook for a good hour. Thanks for scaring the crap out of me, Pgh Police. ONE IN THE MORNING? REALLY!?!? All I have to say is thank God they didn't burst into my house with a SWAT team. I might have died.

Maybe Guy Fawkes had a point? I KID! Mostly.


  1. LOL!!!!!!! We had police knock on our door at 1am before ..... You are not the only one!!!!!

  2. I'm actually not terribly surprised by the timing. If you're looking for someone who has violated their parole, it makes sense to try to locate them when they'd normally be sleeping.

    Doesn't make it any less annoying, though.

  3. OMG! 1 in the morning?! Ugh! I don't even think I'd be brave enough to even check who was knocking at the door at that time.

  4. Ok, I'm really scared now. I'm not afraid so much of you getting murdered by a criminal, but the COPS... now that's scary! At least with criminals you can answer the door while armed, cops would kill you in a heartbeat. Did they have a warrant?

  5. I don't believe they had a warrant - which is why we suspect it was a parole violation.


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