Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chocolate Chip Oat Scones

 Gideon and I go to playgroup once a week. We get together with some of the other moms from the area with little kids. We eat snacks and watch our kids play. I look forward to it every week and Gideon loves it. You'd think three months would be too young to enjoy other children. But Gideon loves to watch the other kids and smiles at them when they come over to see the baby.

A couple weeks ago my friend, Emily, brought scones to playgroup. I about died. Then I promptly demanded the recipe. Much to my satisfaction, Emily started a blog and posted the recipe for them.

I made them for fellowship time after church Sunday before last and they were a big hit. The entire pan (a double batch) got eaten. These would make a great holiday breakfast treat! So head on over to The Reluctant Foodie and have a go at chocolate chip oat scones!


  1. I like that the healthy oat part balances out the nutritionally spurious chocolate chip part in my mind = guiltless mass consumption :)

    Just out of curiosity, how do you know of play groups in the area? I'm a relatively new mom living in Pittsburgh, and feel quite isolated from the general populace.


  2. Hey Amy!
    If you could give me an email I can plug you into a couple different playgroups in the Pittsburgh area :)



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