Thursday, November 18, 2010

I wouldn't trade this for any other life.

"Si-Si, why is there a roll of toilet paper unrolled all over our bed?" 

'Si-Si' is pronounced with a long "i", as in the first syllable of my husband's name repeated twice. That is what I call him. At one time it was a silly pet name from our newlywed days. But now it's the name I almost always address my husband with when I'm in a good mood. And my husband taking the day off to help me shop and pack for our trip definitely put me in a good mood.

"I have no idea, Bis."

We have a friend named Elizabeth, spelled with a 'z' and many people refer to her as "Biz". When I came to Pittsburgh, everyone joked that I should be called "Bis" since my name is spelled with an 's'. It never caught on with anyone except Silas who immediately adopted it as his one and only pet name for me. As with 'Si-Si', it only makes an appearance when the user is in a good mood.

"How can you have no idea? There are only two people in this house with the ability to move a roll of toilet paper and it wasn't me."

This is not entirely true as Ian is still living in our attic because he doesn't move into his new place till this weekend. But he's been at work all day so I can pretty much rule him out as the Toilet Paper Perp. I hear music coming from down stairs and there is no reply from my husband. I go down the first few stairs and peer over the railing at my husband. He's watching a music video and rocking Gideon in the swing with his foot. He looks up at me.

"Hey, come see this, Bis!"

By this time I've forgotten what I went up stairs for anyway so I answer my husband's summons. I'm pretty sure he's deflecting from the toilet paper incident. But it turns out I don't really care. I join him on the couch to watch an "Ok Go" video. This lasts for about 20 seconds. Just long enough for Silas to decide he'd really like to tickle me until I pee my pants.

"You'reeeee sooooo meeeeeeeean to me!"

I don't actually mind being tickled to a certain extent. A little tickling is all in good fun. This was not in good fun. This was me shrieking, kicking and trying (fruitlessly) to defend myself against the onslaught of tickle hands while Silas and Gideon laugh their butts off. (Snider boys. They have a twisted sense of humor.)

"You're a butt-face!"

This is also a term of endearment, believe it or not. It's generally what I refer to Silas as when I pretend to be mad and he pretends to think I'm mad. I finally escape his clutches and march off in a (fake) huff to check  the list entitled "Things the slave wife is to do:" while Silas and Gideon continue to laugh at me. This is actually my list. I dictated it to Silas while I was getting dressed this morning. Silas had made a few adjustments.


He's pleading in his best fake pathetic voice. I continue to fake ignore him. He can see me smiling but pretends not to. I'm busy looking over an item that reads "Buy disposable diapers for Gideon and Elisabeth". Very funny, Silas. I snicker a little bit and I lose the ability to fake upsetness. I waltz over to my husband who is displaying the most exaggerated poochie lip ever and he smiles at me.

I have a great life.


  1. I don't care what anyone says "Butt face" is not a plausible come back in any family except "stone soup".

  2. So who was the toilet paper culprit?

  3. I'm pretty sure it was Silas because it really wasn't me!


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