Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm a freak.

The city is friendly to lots of freaks. But not freaks like me.

The city is not friendly to freaks who believe in limited government. To freaks who believe in gun ownership AND legalized gay marriage. To freaks who believe in states rights AND the legalization of marijuana. To freaks who have morals AND believe that legislating morality is stupid.

The city is not friendly to freaks who don't vaccinate. To freaks who believe in natural childbirth. To freaks who believe in alternative medicine. To freaks who don't take the doctor's word as law.

The city is not friendly to freaks who believe marriage is for life. To freaks who are stay at home mothers. To freaks who have more than three children. To freaks who homeschool.

I hate feeling like I can't state my opinion without offending people. It turns out, I'm not a militant activist. I'm not shoving things down your throat. Your opinion doesn't offend me, why does mine offend you?

I know I don't need the approval of the masses to believe in the things that I do. I like people. And I like to be liked. But I'm tired of letting people think I agree with them for the sake of being liked.


  1. Sorry that you are experiencing that! I agree with you on lots of these observances (remember, i'm not a native Burgher).

  2. Oh don't worry sweetie! As long as you make those amazing desserts people will always like you :)

  3. very well put girlfriend! I feel nearly the same way about many of the same things. . . drives me crazy!!

  4. *raises hand* HEY! *I* believe in limited government! Gun rights! Gays should be able to marry whoever they want! We should be BFFs ;)

    I hate how if you think one way on a certain issue, then you automatically have to think a certain way on everything else. No way! Things are not black & white and I'm all over the board with a lot of things. Which is why I mostly keep my mouth shut about things, because people make a lot of assumptions.

  5. hmmmm I think its possible to maintain what I believe and live it and state it (when the subject comes up) and still be liked by people. We are not cookie cutter christians. God did make us all different. I've found only the most legalistic or the most immature will not like me because of what I believe.
    I don't hide who I am but I try to be wise in what I say and to whom I say it.
    Don't let the world get you down. :)

  6. I thought this was really funny. And it makes me all the more confused about why anyone would choose to live in the city. Everyone is piled on top of one another and ALSO expected to think alike? Yuck.


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