Thursday, November 4, 2010

Little Boy Blue

 When I was at the store on Monday, buying a vacuum, a breastpump and candycorn, I saw they had baby boy's jeans on sale for four dollars.
 Since Gideon didn't have any jeans I thought "Yes! Ah! SO CUTE!" and bought them. I got the 6-9 month size so he could grow into them. My son is, after all, not even 3 months old.
 They barely fit. But they are every bit as cute as I imagined while standing in the store squeeing.
 My heart is exploding with love for my child.
 Baby stretches!
Ahhhhh! Be still my womb!
I want a million babies.


  1. eeek! he is so cute! yeah, with chunky babies and esp w/ cloth, you have to buy much bigger, Si is 7 mos and he wears 18 mos jeans/pants :) They are cute, but my dude prefers no waistband and a 1 pc fleece jumper or sweats! We love fleece sweats! :P

  2. He is just too much! He looks like such a happy guy, and no wonder! He has you for his mother. :)

    My son usually wore double the size of his age for awhile, but then he was in 18m for a long time and now he's in 2T and he's 22 months, so I guess things start to balance out size-wise for some? who knows.

  3. Stephanie McAllisterNovember 4, 2010 at 11:48 PM

    Grace is 2 1/2 and is wearing 4-5 Ts at times. Ethan is 7 1/2 wearing 8-10 depending on whether it's pants or shirts


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