Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Morningness, Mondays, and Missing My Husband.

I never thought I was a morning person until I got married. The event of my marriage made me certain of two things. Firstly, that I am, indeed, a morning person. Secondly, that there exists a portion of the population who are to be described as "afternoon people".  My husband numbers among them.

Despite my morning personness, when Silas' alarm went off at 4:30 on Monday morning I had a hard time suppressing my urge to crawl into a hole and die. And by "urge" I mean overwhelming desire. And by "hole" I mean my soft, warm comforter. And by "die" I mean sleep till Spring.

But somehow I managed to drag my butt out of bed and take a shower. I even put on real clothes! Which is saying something when you have a pair of pajama pants that are as comfortable as mine. Also with peace symbols on them. I wasn't going to be one of those moms who wears pajamas in public till I got these pants. Really, they're that awesome.

The reason I went through so much trouble was because Silas was leaving for the mothership that morning. (Mothership = Google Headquarters) And I was determined to see him off because I love him more than candy corn and because I had a point to prove. Namely, that I could say goodbye without dissolving into a tearful, snotty mess. (Candy corn are delicious, though.)

Much to my satisfaction, the tearless goodbye was accomplished. It is possible that this is owing greatly to the fact that I wasn't really awake. But still. The days I get the better of my emotions are few and far between. Sadly. But this was a Monday and most Mondays go pretty well for me. It's usually when I get along to Thursdays and Fridays that things go south.

After the tearless goodbye I decided to get myself a treat. Now when most people think of a treat they think of a cookie, a soda, or maybe a Snickers bar. But I had just heard an unfortunate story involving my friend and a maggoty Snickers bar and I really needed a vacuum cleaner. So! I bought myself a vacuum cleaner. And because I was feeling especially generous towards myself, and because Silas said I could, I also bought a breast pump.

And candy corn. Which was a bad idea because even though it was only 90 cents for the giant bag of Brach's candy corn MY HUSBAND IS GONE SO I HAVE TO EAT IT ALL MYSELF! And since I'm currently on a mission to get back to my pre-preggo weight and still have 40 pounds to go, this is not good people. Someone save me from myself. (Enter mantra: I am not an animal. I can control my unquenchable desires for sweet things steeped in food coloring and wax.)

I spent the rest of the day vacuuming my entire life. Believe you me, after not having a vacuum for several months I went nuts. I may or may not have vacuumed my my entire house (and my living room twice) within about an hour of assembly. And cleaning was a fine distraction from my husband's absence. Until about 8.

There I was, sitting on my couch, feeding my baby, staring blankly at the tv (which was not on) and thinking about how if Silas wasn't in California he would be sitting next to me watching "Psyche" and playing Minecraft. And right then and there I decided that it was the worst Monday in recent history. I just wanted to go to sleep, but I couldn't go up to bed because I hate going to sleep without Silas.

I'm just realizing there is no real ending to this blog post except for "It sucked going to sleep Monday night, but at least my little man was there to snuggle with." followed closely by "Thank goodness I have a baby who LOVES to cuddle."and finishing with "And the interwebs was there too, of course."

I can't wait till my husband gets home.


  1. I love candy corn and vacuum cleaners too. I'll pass on that Snickers bar, though....

  2. :shudders over Snickers Bar:

    Glad you're enjoying the vacuum cleaner. So awesome. :)

    I've heard that having children makes the time pass faster. Silas will be home sooner than it feels...

  3. No worries, after the first week it's a piece of cake. When he does get home you'll have to clean more frequently and you'll get less sleep (haha ;)). Think of it as a good thing? You don't have to share the bed, the bathroom, or the couch. Atleast that's what I tell myself when I miss Dennis.


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