Saturday, November 6, 2010

Silas, Lizzie Bennet, and Piglet.

Neither Silas nor I grew up celebrating Halloween. Neither of us regrets that. We didn't really miss the trick or treating or the scary stories. I, for one, screamed and cried in terror during The Shaggy Dog so it's probably a good thing I wasn't allowed to immerse myself in the scariness of Halloween. (Silas, like his brothers, posses the Snider pathological confidence gene. So yeah. He wasn't scared of anything.)

We do really like to dress up, though. So since we've been married we've attended Halloween costume parties. We especially like the concept of going as either historical figures or prominent characters from classic literature. Last year we went as Pierre and Marie Curie. I made Silas's vest and hat and I made my dress from the same pattern as my wedding dress.
This year I was super excited about dressing up Gideon. I knew I really wanted him to be Piglet since that's what we often call him at home because of the little rooting noises he makes. So I bought a pink onesie, pink tights, some brown and pink fabric and this is what I came up with.
I'm kind of a horrible mother for doing this to my son, I know. And when he asks me to pay for therapy in about 20 years I'll tell him that he will value it more if he pays for it himself... Further confirming suspicions that I'm an awesome mom. But hey, Gideon won the "most adorable costume" award. Snider boys are winners, it turns out.
Silas went as himself due to the fact that we ran out of time to make/design an awesome costume. Especially since he didn't want to wear pants. How many costumes revolve around shorts? Not that many.
My only requirement for my costume was that I be able to nurse in it. And since I designed and made my dress, that was pretty easy. I might do a post on making nursing dresses with an empire waist later this month.
Lizzie Bennet and Piglet. Aw, Piglet, you're so cute.
I borrowed Napoleon's sword and I was transformed into Lizzie Bennet ala Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Good times.

How does your family celebrate (or not celebrate) Halloween?


  1. please post about how you made your dress so you could nurse in it-I made a dress to wear to a wedding but, I don't think that I can wear it because, I will be nursing and baby will only be a month old..

  2. I never really did that much for Halloween when i was younger, not for lack of trying, just that I lived in the country (like country country with farms and stuff) and it was too far between houses to trick or treat. The local fire station would usually have a party for the kids and admission was a bag of candy per family (they would then make a treat bag for each child out of the mixture of candy brought plus some apples and juice boxes). they had games and a costume contest (witch i never won because we would always go to mass before the party for all saint's day so i never had time to really get a costume together my mom did win once though, she was a nun). THe local boy scout troop would also usually work with the firemen and put together a (usually pretty scary) haunted house in the truck bays. My dad was assistant troop leader so i usually helped with set up of this, it was my favorite part.

    I went trick or treating once when i was in high-school (the only time i have ever gone) my and my friend (who lived in a cul-de-sac) both dressed as goths with capes and all. it was fun but we were a little old and we did get yelled at by a couple of people.

    Now a days we have a big party every year this year it was harry potter themed *yays!* I put pics up on facebook and flickr


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