Friday, November 12, 2010

Some children scare me.

Gideon, Britt, and I went to the store last Friday. In fact, we drove all the way to Pittsburgh Mills to go to the store. We had been planning this trip for awhile and the reason is as follows. There are to Sonics in Pittsburgh.


Did you get that? NO SONICS! So when Britt informed me that there was as Sonic out at Pittsburgh Mills I was all for driving/sitting in traffic for 45 minutes to get me some strawberry limeaid. And maybe also a foot long hotdog with chili, fritos and hot peppers on top.

Don't judge me.

Anyway, while at the store we ran into this mother with two little boys. One was about three years old and the other was about 3 months old. The three year old was very excited to see Gideon and kept comparing him to "My Zach" his little brother. Britt engaged him in conversation and started asking him about "My Zach", if he cried alot or slept alot. He paused, got this odd twinkle in his eye and whispered "I sleep with my eyes OPEN."

I love grocery shopping.

 Yes, those are underpants on Gideon's head.


  1. I would drive 45 minutes away to get to a Chick fil A. No judging here.

    LOL -- our eldest has been telling me emphatically that he does, indeed, sleep with his eyes open. Nothing can convince him otherwise.

  2. I would drive that far for Sonic. No shame!

  3. We have a Sonic sorta in my end of the city (I live in the South Hills). I am sad that this city doesn't have a Cinnabon or a Fazoli's!


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