Monday, November 15, 2010

Things about the gym. (Part 1?)

This evening Silas and I finally got around to joining Urban Active. We went on a tour of the while place and then I met my friend, Emily, for spin class.

This is what I've learned about the gym so far:
#1. "Women's Private Room" is code for "Where the fat ladies work out".
#2. Spin class is not for beginners. (Oh, my aching butt.)
#3. All the women at the gym are named Michelle.
#4. Personal trainers are ridiculously perky. Like, totally.
#5. The gym is more fun if you go with friends.

These are the things I'm looking forward to trying out:
#1. Cinema Cardio - This is a movie-theater-like room where you watch a movie while you use the treadmill, elliptical, or bike.
#2. Urban Yoga - I've never taken a yoga class, but since all classes are included in membership...
#3. Zumba Class - See above ^
#4. Lap swimming - Yup, there's a pool in the gym!
#5. Smoothie Bar - NEED I SAY MORE?

I'm totally ready to attack that baby weight!

I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. I can personally vouch for the truth in these statements! I liked the gym A LOT less when I had to go by myself. And yoga, That stuff is INTENSE! I never thought I'd be that sore from a 45 minute session... but then again, maybe I should have started with a Beginner class which was more my level, haha. Spinning was my favorite (along with yoga). It seems to use a whole different set of muscles and it can be tough but so fun. Dang! I really miss the gym now! :(

  2. That gym sounds like mega fun. Even Tony Carter might try Cinema Cardio. Ha!

  3. I tried Zumba last night at the Y! It was fun! Be prepared to do a lot of booty shaking. : )

  4. Yes, you MUST try Zumba. Funnest exercise ever!

  5. You did pretty good in spin, next time you will know not to wear baggy sweat pants!!


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