Monday, November 22, 2010

Vacations FTW!

I love my life. But occasionally I have a little affair with vacation.

Vacations are one of my favorite things ever because they means that I get to hang out with my husband. You'd think that because we live in the same house we'd have tons of time together. Not so. During the week Silas is usually busy getting ready for work (or gone) when I get up in the morning. He works all day, then in the evenings he has other obligations. And the weekend is just as bad. Sometimes we go two or more weeks without more than a couple hours of down time a day.

But not during vacation. During vacation we get to do everything together. And long car trips? They are a vacation bonus. Because it means we can just sit and talk for hours without being distracted by tv, computers, or other people. So this vacation, so far, has been awesome.

It started with a 12 hours car trip, during which Gideon woke up to be fed a grand total of three times. Why yes, he does deserve the "baby of the year" award. Silas and I talked, listened to all the indelible grace cds, and ate copious amounts of chex mix. You can't have a car trip with the Sniders without chex mix. (I always make it myself because it turns out Silas only likes the cereal in it. So there's no nuts, pretzels, m&ms, bagel chips, or anything else chex mixy.)

Upon arriving, though, we found my Grandparents to be sick with what turned out to be bronchitis. This change of plan means we're staying with my aunt and uncle who live about 45 minutes from town. You might think this an inconvience, but you know what? We like driving together, Silas and I, so it's great fun for us.

Thankfully, my grandparents will be well enough to receive us by Thanksgiving, so we'll be able to introduce them to their first great grand child. In the mean time, Silas and I plan to see a movie, hang out with my aunts, uncles, and cousins, and generally enjoy each other's company in the absence of scheduling.

Dearest Vacation, I love you.


  1. You're so cute! I'm glad you're having a good time. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Sounds like this is a much needed vacation. Have a wonderful vacation and quality time with the hubby. =)

  3. =D Sounds awesome! Hope you continue to have a fabulous time (I'm sure you will) and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


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