Thursday, December 23, 2010

The signs are everywhere.

Hanni came over to me this morning chanting "I know something you don't know." She's said this every day since we got here. "What's that?" I ask. "YOUR CHRISTMAS PRESENT!" she squeals, then runs away to do giggle over her knowledge in private.

The whole house is full of secrets. Everyone wants to know what everyone is getting everyone else without finding out too much and ruining their own surprises. People hurry from the car to their room with inconspicuous plastic bags. Packages appear under the tree every time you turn around.

After dinner the advent candles are lit and we all open the hymnal and sing a carol. Then Dad Snider reads part of the Christmas story.

This evening we watched A Charlie Brown Christmas and ate peppermint patties. The candy dish is stocked with eggnog taffy.

Talk has begun of Christmas pies.

Christmas is coming.

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