Saturday, January 29, 2011

So. I live in the Pittsburgh. As in, you know, the Steelers.

Pittsburgh is a big sports town. 'Burghers love their Penguins, Pirates, Panthers, but especially the Steelers. I don't know what most people think of when they think of Pittsburgh. But people from Pittsburgh think of the Steelers. It's all about the black and yellow.  And the amount of pressure to root for the Steelers here in Pittsburgh is incredible. I've never seen anything like it.

You can tell when it's game day because everyone you see on the street is wearing a Steelers jersey. If the game is on a Sunday, church is dotted with black and yellow cause half the congregation wears their jerseys.( One of the players actually goes to our church; his wife is super cool.) When the game is on, the streets are empty and the bars are full.

Everyone and their dog has a terrible towel.

If you live in Pittsburgh there is no way you haven't heard that the Steelers are going to the superbowl. Everywhere you go people are talking about "them Steelers". The bus stop, the grocery store, church, even when I took Gideon to playgroup this week half the moms were talking about the big game.

My husband hates sports*.  If you've seen pictures of my husband you might assume that he's played linebacker since he was 5. But he, in fact, hates football. He especially hates Steeler-mania. When the Steelers played in the superbowl in 2009** he went to a super bowl party (because he loves parties) and surfed the internet the whole time. Someone (Maybe Britt?) made him pose for this picture:
I, on the other hand, LOVE sports. I love my ducks. I come from a family of sports fanatics in Iowa City. (GO HAWKS!) I love softball, soccer, and especially football.  Here's me and Hurkey Herky the Hawk at a Haweye's game I went to a couple years ago with my aunt and uncle. Maggie calls him the "Go-hawks chicken". Funnily enough... the Hawkeyes are black and gold...
 As I mentioned before, there is a ton of pressure to be a Steelers fan in Pittsburgh. According to Steelers fans you don't root for the Steelers you might has well hate Pittsburgh. But here's my thing. I don't much care for pro-football. I like college football. I LERV college football. But I don't know, I just don't care so much for pro-ball. So while I feel like I should be a Steelers fan, I just can't seem to get too enthusiastic about them.

So what's a girl to do!?!

*With the exception of tennis and fencing. Go figure.

**The Steelers won that year and the Pitt students rioted in the streets causing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage to Oakland.


  1. i HATE the stillers. not because of the team or even because i hate football but for exactly what you have said here. the tremendous pressure to root for them and the way people act towards you when you don't.

    just because i don't like football doesn't mean i hate Pittsburgh. there are a million reasons to love Pittsburgh the stupid stillers should be way down at the bottom. your well being and love of the town you live in shouldn't depend on weather or not a sports team is doing well!

    it started out mostly that i don't like football that i don't root for them but now it has become a matter of personal principle-i refuse because i will not bow to the pressure.

    that said, i love the pirates even though they are like the worst team ever. and we went to my first hockey game ever this past week and i like the penguins ok. :)

  2. Agreeing with you Elisabeth! My hubby is a Steeler fan and even went down to the local bar to sit and watch the game last week. He told me all about the antics too. LOL

    Needless to say, life goes on with or without the Steelers. ;)

  3. I root against the Steelers. Who are they playing? Go, that team!

    So yeah. I'll be a Packer fan for a week I guess. :P

    As for what a girl is to do... stick to your guns. Do the right thing. Don't root for the Stealers.

  4. I grew up in Ohio. We loved the Steelers there too.
    I don't really like football but I have pleasant memories of my dad watching the Steelers and runnning across the living room with them yelling "run that ball, run that ball".

  5. It's "Herky" you huge Hawkeye fan, you!

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