Friday, March 11, 2011

Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised!

Today is Gideon's 7 month birthday. And I am so, so thankful. I'm overflowing with gratefulness for this precious boy. He brings so much joy to my heart. I thought I would share some of that joy via pictures. So here are a bunch of moments with my son that make my heart explode.

The Perturbed Pickle Progression
Gideon loves pickles, but you wouldn't know it from his face.
He doesn't really eat it. He just sucks the juice out.
What a great face.
The Smiley Sink Series
Hi! I'm Gideon Snider! And I'm naked!
I call this one "strategically placed duck".
And this one "strategically placed duck fail".
The Needed Nap
"Can't you see my tears? I don't need a nap!"
But as usual, Mommy knows best.


  1. The strategically placed duck made me totally LOL. :P

  2. Oh Lizzie, What an adorable kid! He is such a hoot :D

  3. The last pickle face picture is awesome!

  4. GIDEON! So stikin' cute!
    These pictures make me even more excited to see him in ten days.

  5. your baby is so cute and your captions take the cake.

  6. AWWW he's soooo adorable! =) getting so big fast too! goodness! He's such a good boy to like pickles!

  7. Those pictures are hilarious, Lizzy. I had seen them before, but this time around they just made me smile so big -- particularly the pickle ones. Heh :)

  8. You have an awesome children's book title there!!! The Perturbed Pickle I love it! and his face is priceless!!!

  9. Aww! Aftasie likes pickles too, and will happily suck on a lime.


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