Thursday, March 10, 2011

The one about grocery shopping and food.

Grocery shopping is the best game ever.  First I decide what my grocery budget for the week is. Then I make my menu. Then I make my shopping list. Then I go shopping. And the game is to buy everything on the list and still have money left over to buy a treat!

This week's menu is as follows:
Friday: Taco salad
Saturday: Sesame beef and broccoli
Sunday: White enchiladas
Monday: Salad (w/out meat)
Tuesday: Spaghetti
Wednesday: Salad (w/chicken)
Thursday: Broiled tomatoes and sharp cheddar on toast

Plus food for Gideon, of course. He eats some of the same things we do. But he's not quite 100% there yet. I tried to feed him pizza last night. It was a disaster. He loved biting pieces off and he loved how it tasted, but it got stuck to the roof of his mouth and then he would cry. So I took the pizza away but he wanted more so bad that he threw a fit so I had to put him to bed. Sad story.

Gideon approved foods:
Baked apples
Boiled sweet potato and carrots (all mashed up together)

The part where I talk about how we eat:
 If you look at the menu you see that we have Salad about every other day. We instituted that rule at the beginning of the year. We decided we didn't eat enough raw veggies and weren't sure what to do about it. We ended up deciding that we were going to eat salad three times a week. We're on month three and we've stuck to it so far!

Another thing you might notice about the menu is that we only have meat a couple times. Part of this is due to the salads. But mostly it's because when I was pregnant we ate eat at every single meal. I really needed to get in more protein and since I didn't like eggs and hadn't yet discovered quinoa. Needless to say, I got kind of meated out. We eat much lighter dinners now.

I'm excited the enchiladas on the menu. The reason this is on Sunday is because it's probably the least nutritious meal on the menu. And I'm never allowed to feel bad about what I eat on Sunday because it's a feast day. (Ever since I found the Trader Joe's cream of mushroom soup that doesn't have tons of chemicals in it I feel so much better about making this dish, though.) And I get to make my homemade taco seasoning which is, really, the best ever. At least, Silas thinks so. He doesn't like spicy food and I can easily control how spicy the seasoning is, so he loves it.

Quick note about lunch and other foods:
I don't really eat a full meal other than dinner. I might have a glass of orange juice for breakfast or maybe an apple. If I have a snack in the morning then I have a really small lunch. Yogurt, or a bagel, or an avocado. If I don't eat in the morning then I'll have a sandwich or a quesadilla. I usually also grab a granola bar on the way to the gym in the evening. I'm not a big snacker, but if we have junk food I will eat it. So I try to keep fruit in the house for when I get the munchies.

How do YOU eat? And what are your favorite meals/snacks?

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  1. Wow, I must say I'm impressed with your menu. I can't wait until I have my own place and get to play this grocery game. ^_^
    Also, I would love that taco seasoning recipe of yours, if you don't mind sharing. :D

  2. I'm planning on posting it here soon, Carrie, so you shouldn't have too long to wait!


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