Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thoughts for Thursday

This is what blogging looks like for me right now.
Gideon won't play by himself for two seconds. He wants to be in mommy's lap 100% of the time. Sometimes I get frustrated and tell Silas "HE WANTS ME ALL THE TIME!" and Silas reminds me "Of course he does! You're his Mommy!" Then I remember how blessed I really am.
So, yeah, I get pretty much nothing done while he's awake. And when he's asleep I'm either cleaning my house (I'm kind of OCD about this...), cooking or sewing.
I've made several new recipes that are fantastic, but I haven't been taking pictures of them because I'm usually in a hurry to get done before my little man wakes up. I'll try to do better, though, so that you too can enjoy homemade croutons, taco seasoning, and sesame beef and broccoli (The first Chinese food I've ever made!).
So if you wonder what I'm doing while I'm not blogging, I'm probably either cleaning my house like a mad woman or learning to cherish ever moment of cuddling my baby.
Peace, joy and love :)


  1. I LOVE YOUR HAIRCUT! Absolutely LOVE it!

    And that was so Joshua. (In fact, he still follows me about everywhere. Total mommy's boy! Never could be left alone.) It can be terribly exhausting sometimes and some days. I love that you say you are learning to cherish cuddling your baby. I'm still working on that too. (However, I will say this, I DID do a lot of cuddling and even at at 4 Joshua walks up and says, "Mommy, I want to cuddle with you." And now I take every moment offered, hoping it will last.

    Cuddle away!


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