Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back in the swing of things.

On Saturday Silas's childhood friend and best man at our wedding, Ian, married our friend from here in Pittsburgh who we are close to and attended Gideon's brith, Britt. They met at our wedding. Silas's brother and sister and Ian's brother and sister came to town for the two weeks previous to the wedding to help with the million things that needed to be done just prior to the wedding. In addition to running them around (I'm the only one with a car) I was also making Britt's wedding dress. So I was busy.

The wedding was lovely. Silas was a groomsman. I danced the nail polish off of my toes.  And I have a giant soup pot full of wedding cake in my fridge. Now they are married and honeymooning in the Napa Valley and I'm free to have a life again (aka blog, go to the gym, and do some sewing that is in no way related to weddings).

I went to my first yoga class in almost three weeks last night. It was a very farty class. Apologies to my fellow classmates.  I still go to abs and spin class once a week. Still managing to lose weight pretty steadily. I'm finally back in the 160s (I was 245 the week before Gideon was born). I was 145 when I got married and 155 when I got pregnant three months later. I can make it back.

This morning I was sitting on the couch and Gideon crawled over to me, grabbed onto my pants, and pulled himself up to standing. I'm so proud of how quickly he learns! He will be 8 months old this week. That's how old Silas was when he learned to walk. We'll see if Gideon can do the same.

I'm making up my summer schedule... it's going to be busy. We'll be flying to Oregon then driving to Idaho for Silas's brother's wedding, then I'll be driving home to Kentucky for a visit. And that's only up to June... Hopefully we'll fly to Oregon again in August.

Life is hard sometimes, to be sure. But at this moment, as I sit on here with my bubbly baby on my lap, thinking of all our plans for the future, everything seems wonderful.


  1. Nice to see you back. :-)

    And HOLY COW are you kicking butt at getting rid of weight! Good job!

  2. Way to go with the weight loss!

  3. Do you make wedding dresses as a profession? Just curious ... I might need one .... Down the road. I am planning on getting married, I just dont know when!


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