Monday, April 25, 2011

"We have virgin hair!"

That's what the stylist said to the hair color specialist at my hair appointment two weeks ago.

I decided I wanted to dye my hair when I was pregnant with Gideon. At the time I was nervous about making decisions about my appearance while riding the hormone rollercoaster (I had already cut my hair short and didn't like it). I was also uncomfortable using harsh chemicals while pregnant.

After Gideon was born I wondered about whether I should dye it at home or go to a salon. I wondered if it was worth the expense. If it was worth the chance that I might very well hate it the moment it was done. I am, uh, not a very decisive person. But finally, after asking many friends, reading many reviews, and much encouragement from Silas, I made a hair appointment at MCN.

The fact that I had never dyed my hair was quite exciting to my stylist. She chatted away while she handed me a spa robe to change into. The hair color specialist told me it made things less complicated then asked me if I wanted water or coffee. I explained that not only had I never dyed my hair, but I hadn't been to a salon to have it cut since highschool because I cut it myself. Another revelation.

Here is the result. I don't love taking self portraits. I don't have a clicker thingy and it's next to impossible to keep self portraits from looking myspacey. But, because I love you, here are a few pictures.

Will I keep it up? I'd like to... but I'm afraid I might be having a mild allergic reaction to the dye. I'll give it a few weeks and see.


  1. I really love it! Looks wonderful on you.

    I went a light red/strawberry blond at Christmas and it washed out so fast I was rather surprised.

    Have you considered Henna dyes? I've been looking into them to try color again. They are not harsh like the chemical stuff and supposedly you can get great color. I've seen them sold on, which also has reviews on the products so you can get an idea of how well people like it.

  2. Love it! You look so cute. I adore changing my's so much fun. If you ever want to try it, dying it at home is wonderful. I always had my hair dyed in a salon for years, until a couple months ago. It's sooo much cheaper. Have fun with it!

  3. You look fabulous! I love the bangs and the way the hair frames your face. The last photo is gorgeous!!

  4. I love it Elisabeth! It is too cute!

  5. I think it looks lovely - and it looks like you!

    i'm giving myself until the first of summer and then I'm going in for a haircut and something different (maybe) myself. ;) We'll see. Going to continue recovering and then go in in a few weeks. I DESPERATELY need a cut!

  6. It looks fantastic, but I might have already mentioned that. ;-)


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