Monday, June 6, 2011

"Mouse in the House" or "I'm a Wimp" or "First World Problems"

This morning I saw a mouse run across my bedroom floor and disappear into my closet. I screamed a little bit. I collected myself. Then I saw the mouse run out of the closet and disappear under my bed. I screamed again. Then I caught something out of the corner of my eye that may or may not have been a mouse. I ran out of my bedroom and shut the door in a fit of panic.*

Then I called Silas. Because that's what wives who are terrified of mice do. The words "Doesn't he have a little mouse bedroom somewhere that he can go to where I can't see him!" might have left my mouth. Silas promised to help me "pick up everything on the floor in the bedroom" mostly, I think, in an effort to calm me down.

I abandoned my house to go shopping.  The whole time I was gone I tried not to think about the mouse in my bedroom. I tried not to think about the fact that if there's a mouse in my bedroom he probably has friends in other rooms of my house. And I tried to invent reasons for me not to go home. I may have spent 2 hours in the fabric store in my attempt to put off the inevitable.

Upon my return a few minutes ago I ran into my room to grab my laptop and rushed out without looking at anything. If I have to see another mouse today without Silas here to save me from it... I might die.

So I now find myself sitting on the couch being very afraid to go into my bedroom and very grumpy about the fact that the Wii Silas bought me for my birthday this weekend and Mario Kart (my favorite video game in the whole world**) are plugged into the tv in my bedroom.

I know this is stupid. And I know mice can't hurt me. And I know I should be thankful to have a such a wonderful house, and a Wii, and Mario Kart and two tvs. And I know I should just put on my big girl panties and clean up my bedroom. But... I'm frustrated. And part of the reason I'm so frustrated is that I can be so incredibly spoiled and still be frustrated.

The End.

*In my mind mice don't crawl under doors. Please do not correct me.
**Also the only video game in the whole world (as far as I'm concerned).


  1. Well, I mostly don't blame you! I agree with you though about MarioKart. Isn't that the only reason anybody would actually buy a Wii? ;)


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