Friday, July 1, 2011

My son teaches me patience when...

...he smears Desitin all over his body.

...he pulls every single wipe out of the wipe case.

...he poops on the rug in the two seconds between when I take him out of the tub and when I find a diaper.

...he reaches onto Mommy's plate, grabs a handful of rice and throws it on the floor at the Thai restraint. (In his defense they did not have highchairs. And yes, I left a big tip.)

...he eats whatever he can get his hands on, including cotton balls and toilet paper.

...he throws his sippy cup at me while I'm driving.

...he pulls the shower curtain rod down.

...he refuses to go to sleep till ten pm, then climbs out of his crib.

...he insists on sleeping with his butt in on my face.

...he throws a temper tantrum (complete with back arching) when he sees a banana at the coffee shop and I do not immediately put it in his mouth.

...he pretends not to know what "no" means or worse, laughs at me.

 Good thing he's cute.


  1. LOL! Oh, children are so much "fun." :D And I've often said that God purposefully made babies and children so cute so they have a better chance of surviving to adulthood. :D

    One time my daughter decided to take down her diaper and poop on the floor, then freaked about it and got some clothes and tried to clean it up. So I had the fun of cleaning up a poop-smeared floor AND a bunch of poop-smeared laundry. I think I even cried. :P :D That is my worst child horror story. lol

  2. haha! oooh those boys! ;) yes... very very cute!


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