Friday, July 8, 2011

Something (A collection of incoherent thoughts and pictures that didn't turn out.)

I'm learning about the Beatles. I didn't know about them till I married Silas. I love them. "You're asking me will my love grow. Well, I don't know... I don't know. Stick around now it may show."
 Sometimes I worry about stupid things. Like, someday living in a house with an ugly bathroom. I couldn't bear it.
Today I inadvertently dressed Gideon in stripes, then wore stripes myself. The guy at Trader Joe's called us the chain gang. I didn't think it was funny. But then Gideon peed through his diaper onto both of us. So we both smell like pee, but we are no longer wearing stripes. So that's good, I guess.
 I've been sewing a lot. I love it. Sewing is probably my favorite thing ever. I want to make a million sun dresses. I want to make so many sun dresses that the weather will change to always being summer and women will never have to wear unflattering clothes ever again.
My friend Jo had a baby yesterday. I want one. A girl this time. But a boy would be nice too. I miss my baby belly.
Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Pintrest, Blogger, Tumblr, I have them all. So many tools for connecting people on the internet. Yet people have as much trouble getting along as ever.


  1. i love that pic of you! also, is it bad that the first ting i thought about that pic of Gideon was "lolz stoner baby"

  2. I'm glad you and the Beatles are getting acquainted. Bout time!

    Also, the skyline pic makes me miss Pittsburgh more. What a cool city. :(

  3. Love the pictures and you're random thoughts. I also worried about living in a place with an ugly bathroom. The bathroom is where I relax and recuperate from being around society. :) :) But we have a nice bathroom. :)

    Love the Beatles!


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