Monday, July 18, 2011

Things I've Learned This Week (so far)

The bathroom door must remain closed at all times.

Pinterest is the best waste of time since reading Harry Potter fan fiction. (Not that I, like, read fan fiction... *coughHarryPotterandtheMethodsofRationalitycough*)

Waking up from a dream where you have just given birth to quadruplets (all boys) leaves you feeling very overwhelmed. (In my dream the first one's name was Emilio, but I couldn't think of names for the rest of them.)

Until we have at least two more kids, making a whole pan of cinnamon rolls for just us is a bad idea for, you know, my waistline.

Waiting for a tow truck at 12:30 AM on a Sunday morning, only to be told that there isn't a single place open is rather rotten.

Being told your car was messed up by the previous mechanic and you can't drive it till Wednesday is even more rotten.

Deciding to make a cake to make you feel better only to find out that you used the rest of your cocoa powder over the weekend. Even. More. Rotten.

Remembering you own a bike with a baby seat on the back and are, therefore, mobile; Wonderful. YOU DON'T CONTROL MY LIFE, GAS POWERED VEHICLE!


  1. what is this pintrest?

  2. HAHAHAHHAHAHA! someone else besides me has read HP fanfic!!!! yessss!


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