Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's Gideon's Birthday, Yo!

Gideon is a year old today!
 Silas and I got him and abacus.
He's so silly!
Silas and I each made him a cake.
 I made my Nana's "Perfect Chocolate Cake"
 One of our birthday guests described it as "Ho-ho cake".
 Gideon walked in to check on me. Yes, I said WALKED.
 Daddy made honey cake.
It's a Snider family tradition to make a honey dessert on a first birthday.
 Cake twins! They're fraternal.
I'm very proud of the garlands I made for the cakes :)
I was hoping Gideon was going to do some first rate cake smashing. But after feeding him three pieces of cake this was the closest I got. He's just not that messy of an eater.
 In one year he's gone from this.
To this.



  1. Oh my goodness! Happy birthday to Gideon! And he's walking to boot! I need to stop with the exclamation points!

  2. An abacus for a first birthday. Love it! lol

    The cakes look delicious. Can you pretty please share recipes? :D <---winsome smile

    And it is amazing how time flies. My "baby" will be 4 in 2 months, and my 6 year old rode the bus to school for the first time today. Enjoy the time!!

  3. Beautiful kid :) Glad Craig and I got to meet him! Happy late birthday Gideon :)

  4. "Ho Ho cake", Ha Ha! It's the best. No wait, it's "Perfect Chocolate Cake". The Honey Cake looks good, too. I hope you had fun. No doubt the pics will be showing up on his blog some day. Who knew when you had your first birthday that those pics would visible around the world? Can't get out of the house today, but his gift is sitting here... thankfully he's too young to know it's late.


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