Friday, August 26, 2011

It's (a productive) Friday, Friday. Gotta get down on Friday!

Have any of you lovelies ever had chocolate covered espresso beans? I just discovered them. At Caribou Coffee they put in one your mocha. Silas and I went there on Monday (Our second anniversary!!!!!????) between dinner at Cheesecake Factory and a movie (Crazy, Stupid Love - we walked out 10 minutes in because Silas can't handle movies with intensely awkward scenes.). Anyway, they forgot to put mine in my drink and so they set it on top of the lid. I ate it and fell in love. Of course when I returned to the counter to buy some they were out of stock. Stupid Caribou coffee. Your drinks are too sweet anyway.

Happily, when I went to buy groceries at trader Joe's I discovered that they carry them. Ian and Britt make fun of me because I buy all my groceries there. But I don't really care because I am a loyal customer of Trader Joe's. They have everything I need for the cheapest prices in the city and their employees are among the most nicest and most helpful people on the planet. Most weeks I don't need to go to any other stores and it makes me happy to only have one stop on my shopping trip.

That's not exactly true, I guess. Because I live in Pennsylvania all wine and liquor must be bought at a Wine and Spirits store and all beer must be bought at a bar or beer distributor. So if I need any beverages of the alcoholic variety I have to make another stop. Lately I've really been favoring Rex Goliath; Free Range Red. It's a fairly cheap wine and there is a giant rooster on the bottle. I don't care what you have to say about my palate,  it's one of my favorites. P.S. There are a lot of homophones for palate. P.P.S. I just spent a long time googling the difference between homonyms and homophones.

Since I was running all of my errands today I went to the post office. We don't have any checks for our checking account so we pay rent via money orders. The reason for our lack of checks is a very long story and has something to do with the fact that I JUST finally changed my last name, despite the fact I've been married for two years now. There is always a very long line at the post office in Bloomfield and whenever I'm standing in it I'm always ridiculously thankful for my Ergo. Today I had to get three money orders, one for rent, one for a stupid parking ticket for Mt. Lebanon, and one for the Art Institute of Pittsburgh because, I'M ACTUALLY GOING TO SCHOOL, GUYS!

Pre-orientation is tomorrow. I'll sign my financial plan thingy, register for classes, and participate in an artsy work shop. That's what the email says anyway. I am keeping my fingers crossed until I'm actually registered for classes. I feel like it's not real until I'm all signed up. Getting enrolled has been a huge head ache spread over several months. And all just to sign up for part time classes in fashion design. I made a dress for the occasion from this vintage 60's mod dress pattern I ordered from Etsy. I just finished it today during Gideon's nap. I will post pictures soon and let you know how tomorrow goes.

Dress? Made.
Rent (and stupid parking ticket)? Paid. 
Wine? Acquired. 
Groceries? Bought. 
Chocolate covered espresso beans? Eaten.

My work here is done.

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  1. OHHHH I am almost envious! You are going to learn a lot. But don't let them ruin you....keep your love of vintage/period clothing and keep wearing it.


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