Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Back from the beach

I think I'm still nursing a bit of a caffeine hangover from the STARBUCKS DOUBLE-SHOT ENERGY DRINK I picked up to get me that last 80 miles from Morgantown to Pittsburgh, but I'm finally home from vacation in Charleston.

The way this vacaton got started, 6 months ago, was this:
Me: Silas, I want to go to the beach.
Silas: Ew. Why?
Me: Um... because it's sand and ocean and amazingness.
Silas: It's hot, which I hate. Humid, which I hate. Sandy, which I hate. The South, which I hate. And not the city, which I hate.
Me: It will be fun!
Silas: I am not under any circumstances going to an east coast beach. *pause* You should, though!

So Ellie flew to Pittsburgh from Oregon and we (plus Gideon) took a road trip to Charleston where we met my brother, Rainor, who had flown in from Louisiana.  We rented a gorgeous house via and relaxed like it was our job.

I will be about posting pictures etc... etc... soon enough. Until then I'll give you this to hold you over:


  1. Such a cute pic! So glad you got to enjoy a trip to the beach. Tony doesn't LOVE the beach like I do either. The heat and sand sticking to everything drive him nuts. We've gone a few times and we always laugh about how long we continue to find sand in the car, suitcases, etc... Ahhh, but I still love it!

  2. We went to the "beach" in Newport, OR last week. I put that in quotes because it is absolutely nothing like going to a beach on the east coast, as Silas observed. Newport did have sand that gets in everything, but it also has wind, rain and cold. Swimming is certainly out of the question. It looks beautiful in that rugged, west coast sort of way, though. Best viewed from inside, sitting next to a fire, in my opinion.


  4. Ahhh! Love those legs!

    Heh, the Oregon coast is *so* different. We just spent a weekend just outside of Yachats and it was wonderful. Not swimming weather (naturally!) but it was nice. I do like the east beaches, they're good for different things. I think I prefer Oregon coast, though. Nothing beats hiking through a lush, green forest to get to the beach :)

    To T in Mapleton - we got a room with a room looking out to the ocean for the first time and it was absolutely lovely to watch the sunset from a warm room :D It rained the next day but cleared up when we went hiking up Cape Perpetua.


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