Sunday, September 11, 2011


I love Sundays.

I was thinking about this today as I was cleaning my bathroom. Gideon was napping and I was happy to take the opportunity to tidy my house.  I was blissfully happy scrubbing my toilet. And I thought about how restful it was for me to put my house in order, how this was exactly how I wanted to spend my afternoon.

Growing up my Mom was pretty strict about the Sabbath. We weren't allowed to watch tv, play outside, or participate in any non-church activities on Sundays. I never remember my Mom cooking on Sundays when we were little. She definitely didn't once we were older as she said it was her day off. Things changed a little when we moved to Oregon and we were allowed to watch tv and use the computer on Sundays.

I was in my late teens before I really started to take pleasure in the Sabbath. I had always viewed the Sabbath as a hindrance to my play, rather than a break from my work. But when we started going to church with Silas's family my view of Sabbath really began to change. The people at this church did Sundays in a completely different way than I had ever seen. They really enjoyed them.

We were frequently invited to the Snider's home for lunch after church. I remember once looking at dessert and remarking that I shouldn't have any because I was watching my weight and one of my friend's mothers saying "But Sunday is a feast day. You're supposed to enjoy it!" It was a revelation.

Now Sundays are my favorite day of the week. We spend them together as a family. Our church plant meets in the evenings so we usually sleep late in the mornings and Silas sometimes makes breakfast that he, Gideon and I will eat in bed. Then we might hang out at home until the evening or we might go out to lunch. Sometimes we go the mall to walk around and maybe get a chocolate at the Godiva shop.

Unlike when I was growing up, we only have one rule (so far) for  Sunday; No stressing on the Sabbath. For us that means no talking about money or any contentious subjects such as politics. Sunday is the day we recharge from a week full of the worries and cares of this world. Ah, Sunday, that is our day to stop everything and enjoy.

Jesus said "The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath." It's a beautiful day of rest, worship and communion. A day to and to enjoy the gifts God has given to us. And I am so thankful for it.

Do you celebrate the Sabbath? What do you do to recharge at the end of a long week?

[Added 9/13/11: I wanted to make sure it's clear that my Mom did FEED us on Sundays - she just didn't cook a meal like she usually did the rest of the week!]


  1. I have recently decided to start being more in tune with with the "rest" part of the Sabbath. I don't do any work as far as my etsy shop goes...meaning no shop knitting or sewing and I've stopped doing laundry. I've also started taking a nap on Sunday in the last few weeks and I can see what a difference it makes in the rest of my week when I nap on Sunday. I rarely get the chance to nap during the week.

    I usually put something in the crockpot on Saturday evening so I don't have to worry about dinner on Sunday.

  2. We have a similar approach, it sounds like, to yours. The no stress part also means no work, which for me used to be a challenge. Now, unless there is some out of town meeting or whatever, I cannot imagine working on would completely throw off my whole week. We also try to spend a little more time with the kids in Scripture and song...they love that aspect. We generally also don't shop, which is fine with me, mostly to avoid imposing on others and also to avoid being sucked into consumerism on that day. There is something to be said for a day at home.

  3. I've been thinking lately about the Sabbath and trying to figure out how God wants me to spend it. That's probably going to be the topic of my next personal Bible study.

    Our pastor recently preached a sermon on it and I might go and listen to the mp3 again.

    I think it is important to rest and spend the day in worship. What that looks like for our family, I am still figuring out!

  4. Just to set the record straight, I do believe you have me confused with Laura Ingalls Wilder's grandfather or something. Obviously when you were too little to serve yourselves I fed you on Sundays! I did not forbid playing, outside or anywhere else. The only thing about which I was particularly "strict" was that we would be together as a family. Your memory is sort of odd, which is ok except is leaves me looking bad. I probably seemed "strict" to you because nearly every family within our acquaintance treated Sunday just like every other day with worship attendance added. Solipsism reigns.

  5. LOL on your additional note. =D It was understood! (hahahahahaha!!!)

    I was glad to have moved from TX to Idaho because although I always enjoyed Sundays growing up, I began to understand the joy, the feasting, the rest, the celebration when I moved to Idaho and attended a church that emphasized Sabbath as a day of feasting and celebrating. I learned a lot. And we've talked a lot about how we want that to look for our family but we haven't implemented everything just yet.

    Sabbath is something I pray our children grow up looking forward to and enjoying.

  6. Ahhhhh, your Sunday's sound like a breath of fresh air.

    Thank you for posting. :-)


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