Sunday, September 4, 2011

You say yes, I say no.

Gideon now says yes and no. He already says "Mama" and "Da" (Daddy) and "bamama"(banana) and "up". But "Yap" and "Nah" are definitely the most useful words in his vocabulary and he uses them, in conjunction with pointing, to communicate pretty effectively.

Now whenever he wants something he points at it, nods, and says "Yap, yap". And whenever he either doesn't want something or doesn't want to do what we tell him to he shakes his head and says "Nah." And when he's in trouble he tries to get out of it by laughing it off and/or acting cute. Example:

Me: Gideon come here.
Gideon: *shakes head* Nah. *runs away because he knows he's going to be in trouble*
Me: *goes to get Gideon* That was very naughty. When Mommy says "come" you must say "Yes, Mommy!" and come right away.
Gideon: *nodding furiously* Yap! Yap!
Daddy: *walks into the room* Gideon, are you being a good boy?
Gideon: *laughing, runs/toddles over to Daddy and gives him a kiss*

Another kind of cute/kind of annoying thing he does is that he acts like he was naughty on accident.

We keep a stuffed dog for him to play and cuddle with in the car and sometimes he drops it out of his car seat and can't reach it. He whines until I'm at a stop light and can reach back and give it to him.
The other day he threw it on the floor in anger and I told him that throwing things is not nice and throwing things when you're angry is especially not nice. Then I handed him his doggie back for another chance at being nice. He immediately yelled and threw it on the floor.

I gave him the evil eye.

He immediately responded by turning his angry face into an surprised face, dropped his jaw, held his hands in the air in an inquiring manner and grunted concernedly at doggie on the floor as if to say "Oh no! Doggie jumped out of my hands onto the floor!" He's a sly one, that Gideon.

We're really enjoying his new levels of communication, despite the back talk. He's growing so fast. Sometimes I go to get him from his crib in the morning and there's this long, lean toddler standing there saying "Mama! Up!" and it makes my heart swell with pride and sadness and joy all at the same time.

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  1. LOOK AT THAT BOY! Oh my goodness, teh cute. I've been missing stuff, haven't I?

    Michael shakes his head at me when I say no. He's imitating me shaking my head at HIM. And it's hilarious when he does it, and we both end up giggling. So I'm an effective disiplinarian, no?


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