Saturday, October 1, 2011

And a police car stole my parking spot.

Back story: Every once in awhile I drag my sleepy butt out of bed and get together with my girlfriends for breakfast. Most of them work so it happens pretty early, which works great for me because I'm gone and back before Silas and Gideon even wake up.

The plan: This morning I was supposed to go to breakfast with my girls. We were going to eat at a place about 30 minutes away so I was going to drive to Erika's house and we were going to carpool.We were going to eat eggs and catch up on life and all that jazz. It was going to be wonderful.

What happened:  I woke up bright and early, got all dressed up, and headed off to Erika's house. I stopped at the ATM to make sure I had cash for breakfast. Erika lives on a pretty busy street so parking is sometimes hard to find. But there was a parking space right in front of her house! And you know what? I parallel parked my car perfectly on the first try!

I got out of my car and went to knock on Erika's front door, but when I looked through the window I saw a group of contractors refinishing the floors... and yeah... it wasn't Erika's house. SOOOOO I hurried off that porch and up 4 more houses to Erika's actual house. I rang the doorbell. No reply. I called Erika's phone. Voicemail.

You know that uncomfortable feeling you get when you go from being sure of yourself to being confused? Yeah, that. I went over the email in my head and did a quick calculation of dates and that's when I realized... BREAKFAST IS NEXT WEEK!

The very first thing I did was say a little prayer to the tune of "Dear God, please don't let me wake up Erika on a Saturday morning for no reason!" I waited for a minute and when I was sure that the disaster had been averted I quickly walked back to my car. I pouted a little bit. I was all dressed up with nowhere to go. I called Silas and asked if he wanted to go out to breakfast. His groggy reply indicated that no, he did not want to get out of bed.

So I drove home. As I approached my house I noticed that my street was unusually full of cars. I crept closer looking for the spot I had emptied just 15 minutes before and as the spoiler title of this post will tell you A POLICE CAR STOLE THE PARKING SPOT DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE!

All the parking was taken up from my house to the end of the street so I had to drive around the block and park a nice jog away, which was slightly unpleasant due to the fact that I am still adjusting my wardrobe to the cold weather. And as I arrived at my house I was filled with dread. I left my keys at the gym and I was pretty sure I had locked the door on my way out. People, I should not leave my house in the morning.

I hated to call Silas. He was going to have to get out of bed. And he was not going to be happy about it. And I had already had to admit that I make one really stupid mistake this morning and I had no desire to admit another. I could try to break in where the window air conditioner was installed but I was not sure that wouldn't end in an ER visit and I was beginning to freeze. I really didn't have another choice.

So I called Silas. Dejectedly. My only comfort being that I could probably get a decent bog post out of the whole embarrassing episode. The end.


  1. The dastardly police! It's true that for some reason the things that aggravate us the most at the time seem to make the best stories later. Huzzah for that. :)

  2. Silly policeman! :P

    I am glad that I am not the only one that annoys husband with calls and texts. ;)


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