Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Some pictures by way of an apology.

Several people have asked me why I haven't been blogging lately. As I contemplated this question I realized that I hadn't really let my blog know about all my school happenings. I am currently enrolled at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in the fashion design program! I wouldn't say that school is consuming my life because it really isn't. But school IS consuming all of my nap times wherein  usually blog.

Another annoying thing is that I've recently transferred all my pictures to an external hard drive. So whenever I want to put pictures on the blog I have to hunt down my hard drive, plug it in, edit photos, etc... and it's annoying. But now, thanks to Google Plus, all the pictures I take with my phone are automatically uploaded to a Picasa album, so they are all available to me at any time! From those photos I shall be sharing with you.

Gideon eating cannoli for the first time. He devoured it.
This is french toast made in a waffle maker. A giant leap for mankind.
Gideon eating raisins on the kitchen floor. He loves those things. They stain his butt purple.
Gideon having his first juice box. He was a fan.
Painting I did while I was supposed to be doing color theory homework.
Gideon likes to wear Mommy and Daddy's clothes...
Such a smug Snider face!
I put Gideon in his crib for his nap today and put a few toys in there. He picked up this book and read to himself until he fell asleep. We're so proud.

That's all the pictures for now. I'm still trying to get all the trip pictures squared away. But never fear, faithful readers, NaBloPoMo is coming quickly! This will be my third (I think) year participating and I'm really hoping I can keep as well as in previous years.


  1. He is so stinkin' cute! :) Love the bra-wearing photo. lol

  2. Gideon is unbelievably photogenic. And, honestly, I wish I'm as talented as you, artistically, how you manage your time, how you take care of your son and family. You are pretty amazing.


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