Saturday, November 12, 2011

Blah, blah, blah, blah.

NaBloPoMo is draining me of words. Or, at least, words that mean something. Or words that are nice. Whenever I post pictures or poetry or videos I feel like they are cop-out posts. And I can't have cop out posts two days in a row! So none of that.

I almost started a post about what a horrible person I've been lately because of how poorly I've been feeling. But I'm not sure I'm ready to share that. Partly out of embarrassment and partly because I need to think about it more.

What I'd really like to do is talk about McDonald's french fries. They are little golden sticks of delicious poison, I know. This evening we went grocery shopping and we went through the McDonald's drive through on the way to the store. I got my usual McDouble with mac sauce. Usually I just get that and a bottle of water. But this time I also got soda and fries. And oh. It hit the spot. And after we finished at Trader Joe's? We went though the drive through again so I could get more french fries. We got Gideon a McDouble. He ate the whole thing and now smells like McDonalds. I'm only a little ashamed.

Morning sickness has finally set in and I want to complain about it. Last week when I wasn't feeling sick at all I was worried my hormones weren't working properly. And now that I feel like barfing all the time I want to lie on a couch and die. Ok, a little dramatic, I know. But I do want to lie on the couch and not move. And maybe watch every season of Project Runway.

I'm making Maui Chili for our church potluck tomorrow and it had better be as delicious as I remember it.  I have high hopes since, just as I remember, food tastes so much better when you're pregnant!
Picture from last time I made this chili when my sister was here visiting. I stole this picture from her blog post on it which I linked above. And she stole it from me in the first place. So it's all good.

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