Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blog fail + rambling = ?

I couldn't even make it a week into NaBloPoMo without missing a day! Not because I'm busy, though I am, and not because I couldn't think of anything to write. Nope. It's because I forgot.  *sigh* I've no memory to speak of. And it grows worse with pregnancy. My lack of memory is really appalling.

So yeah, I forgot to blog yesterday. But I made muffins today. I used the recipe from the King Aurthur Flour Cookbook that Mom Snider gave me at my bridal shower. There are so many wonderful recipes in there! This was the first time I'd used this recipe and it's wonderful. I added dried cranberries. There aren't really words for how delicious these muffins are.

I'm blogging right now to avoid doing my color theory homework. I'm really not excited about this project. I'm afraid that if I get my paints out for this project I will end up painting something else and will have wasted today's naptime. Honestly, I'd rather be sewing.

Really, I'd rather be sewing almost all of the time. Right now I'm preparing to audition some sketches and garments for a fashion show in December. I want to show a collection of maternity clothes. We'll see.

I'm craving Pad See Yew. I have all the ingredients except rice noodles. I've been to three different stores looking for them and none of them had them. I don't want to go to the strip or Market District because the parking/traffic situation at either location is such a bother. I'm considering ordering out. But I have the steak pieces in my fridge. I could freeze them for another time, I suppose.

So much to do. All I want to do is sleep and lay on the couch and watch documentaries. I'm gonna go make a sandwich or something. Cream cheese and pickles. Mmmm.

You're probably dumber for having read this post.


  1. aww i <3 the market district! but it IS a pain to get to. i just love their little mini garage underneath and how awesome the store is-it reminds me of Wegmans!

  2. Can't you make rice noodles? I've never done it, but I make wheat noodles, so wouldn't it be the same, except using rice flour? (grind rice in your blender)

  3. Oh Lizzie! Cream cheese with Pickles?! Gross!


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