Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day of rest and chili.

Five sleeping
hours is not
Falling asleep
during church.
Morning sickness
quelled by
stewed tomatoes.
Silas madethree meals
Gideon gave me kisses.
I'm not nearly
grateful enough.
Maybe tonight
I will sleep.

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  1. Aw :( I hated morning sickness. I had a lot of mashed potatoes with sauerkraut. And also I added tablespoons of lemon juice to soda. And ate frozen dinners (for some reason they seemed "safer" to my irrational mind. I refused leftovers. Ahh....not such good memories.That was our first winter here in Newberg and I keep thinking about the late trips to get frozen dinners, having to work at 6am, etc., and I have to remind myself quite often that this winter is BOUND to be more enjoyable.
    And so, why am I going on like this? Actually, I don't know, except maybe to remind you it gets over? (And I'm supposed to be doing homework at the library without any internet but I had to look up something, and here I am on the computer!).
    I think I said this elsewhere, though, and if I haven't, but just imagined it, it so needs to be said. Congratulations :D It's so exciting.


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