Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fabric is my vice.

Seriously, I can't help myself. Gorgeous fabric on sale? Going in the cart. It's like a sickness.

Today, however, I had the pleasure of buying fabric and not feeling bad about it because I really needed to purchase the last bit of fabric for my collection. Due to my large stash of fabric I only actually needed to buy a few cuts of fabric. This is the dress I bought for today.

It's 20s inspired so that piece on the front is entirely covered in gold and silver sequins. And since I won't have time to be in my studio much this next week or so I'm hoping I can get a bunch of the sequining done since it has to be done by hand. That will be my Thanksgiving project!

While at the fabric store I also picked up some fabric to make Gideon a quilt. I've decided that I want to make a quilt for each of my children so I had better get started on Gideon's before the baby comes or I'll be quite behind!

Gideon LOVES going to the fabric store and he was thrilled that I allowed him to touch some fabric this time. I pulled a couple of bolts to get his reaction. Two in particular caused him to squeal with glee. A print with some dogs on it and a print with cars on it which immediately caused him to start making car noises. So those were the two I got. Gideon wanted to keep his hands on them the whole rest of the shopping trip.

I hope he grows up to enjoy textiles as much as I do.

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