Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gideon and the amazing technicolor dreamquilt.

Yesterday I turned in my color theory midterm. We were assigned a color wheel and given the option to use any medium we chose. I chose to make a quilt.
In order to blend the colors I overlaid the fabric with black, white, and other various colors of tulle.
It was not my first attempt at making a quilt. But it is the first time I've actually finished one. The satisfaction in its completion leaves me eager to start another. If only I had endless time!
As soon as I get my quilt back from my professor I'm going to hang it up in Gideon's bedroom. It will match his room perfectly.
Gideon practically lives in these jammies. They are the best for keeping him warm since he seems to pull all other articles of clothing off in his sleep... at the very least, they end up on the floor outside his crib in the morning. I suspect my boy is full of mischief. Plus he hates clothing of any kind.
 Anyhow, that's it for show and tell today. I've got to go put an overtired toddler to bed.
Until tomorrow!


  1. OH! it's tulle! You didn't get a chance to finish telling me about it on Sunday. It looks awesome!

    When I was little, my mom couldn't keep clothes on me either. She used to safety pin the neck of my jammies closed but i would still wiggle out of them and have a PJ cape on in the morning. lol

    She loves to tell the story about the time tha the Jehova's Witness people came to the door to talk to her about morality and she opened it with this giant beast of a dog (our dog, Puppy, was part st bernard but was a big lovey bear) barking at them and a naked 4 year old on her hip. Apparently they just backed away and left. haha

  2. It's beautiful! You are so talented.


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