Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gideon Vs. The Vacuum

Gideon has had a long history with our vacuum. When he just learned to crawl he LOVED it. He would crawl over the vacuum when I wasn't looking and lick all the dust off of it. It was seriously gross. I couldn't vacuum when he was awake because he would crawl up to it and start kissing it.
Above is a picture of Gideon in the vacuum aisle at Walmart. As you can see, he's absolutely thrilled.
But something has changed recently. Now, for some reason, he's completely terrified of the vacuum cleaner. All I have to do is turn it on and he becomes panic stricken. He screams and runs as far away as he can from it. This is a problem because if I vacuum while he's asleep it will wake him up and if I vacuum while he's awake he freaks out!
Finally, though we discovered that if Silas holds him on the couch while I vacuum he's ok. That's still no good, though, because I need to be able to vacuum while Silas is gone. But after a couple times of that he decided he's ok if Silas isn't here as long as he sits in Silas's spot on the couch.
He's still not very happy about it. But now when I'm about to vaccum I set in on the couch with his binky. I cover him up in his blanket. And I go about my business. And Gideon sits there like "As long as I sit in daddy's spot I'll be ok."


  1. That is so cute. Obviously he can't be allowed to freak out about the vacuum, so it's nice you found a way for him to handle it.

  2. Sweet post. He is a sweet looking baby and you describe him so well.

  3. Love that picture of Gideon sitting like a sentry as you were (probably) vacuuming. As a kid who read a lot of ghost stories, I used to go to bed only after making sure all of my stuffed animals formed an unbroken circle around the edges of my bed. His being calmed by sitting in the sofa reminded me of that.


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