Monday, November 21, 2011

I am not a baby boy.

Today I was looking through some pictures of me when I was a baby. I pulled out this one to show Silas how much Gideon looks like me.

For reference, Gideon.
Silas's response? "Wait, who is that?" "It's me!" I replied indignantly. "Oh. You look like a boy." "WHAT!?!?!" I quickly shuffled through till I found this picture.
"See! I don't look like a boy." I said as I showed him the picture. "Um. You look like a boy." "I'M WEARING PURPLE OVERALLS!" "And?" I found another picture, sure to prove my case. "You see?" I said.
 "You look like a boy in a dress."


"But you look a girl now!"


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  1. You might have looked a little bit like a boy as a baby, but you were adorable doing it! ;-)

    (Actually, I don't think you looked so much like a boy as you looked so EXACTLY MUCH LIKE GIDEON.)


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