Friday, November 25, 2011

Post Thanksgiving Thoughts

Pregnant on Thanksgiving; the only circumstance in which it is acceptable to eat ham slathered in cool whip.

The only thing Black Friday means to me is turkey and cranberry sauce and mayo sandwiches. Or in Gideon's case, mayo and cranberry sauce sandwiches...

It turns out that many of my family members read my blog and I didn't even know! Aunt Linda is probably my biggest blog fan. Hi, Aunt Linda!

Gideon is trying very hard to understand headphones. He's skeptical.


  1. Does Aunt Linda read the comments, too? Hi, Aunt Linda! (she was MY aunt first, but after you were born, she became GREAT Aunt Linda)

  2. Sourdough+turkey+cranberry sauce+mayo+Philly cream cheese= Heathcliff Sandwhich. If you haven't already tried it with cream cheese, go for it. It is sooooo good.


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