Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Snider Baby!

You're all so clever! At least, those of you who commented on my last post. We are indeed expecting Snider Baby #2 on the very last day in June. And we couldn't be more excited.

No, really, we really couldn't be. I feel like we're even more thrilled than when we found out we were expecting Gideon. Being parents brings us so much joy and we just can't wait for that joy to be doubled!

So now I'm putting together a list of things I want to do differently this pregnancy, we're thinking about names, and I'm trying to be cheerful about the awful back/hip pain that has started in even earlier than last time around. I need to make time to see my chiropractor. But it's just so much trouble to make and appt, make arrangements for using the car (we only have one), find a sitter, drive 30 minutes across town, etc... It's making me tired just thinking about it.

Silas told Gideon there's a baby in my tummy. He pointed to Silas's tummy and started laughing hysterically. If only he could tell us what was so funny! He's going to be such a great big brother :)

I'm feeling fine, other than that nasty back/hip pain and some crazy mood swings. Only a little queasiness now and then. Did I mention mood swings? By six weeks I've already got that bloated/bump look, just like I did with Gideon. Silly body.

So there you have it for my first bi-weekly pregnancy update! When I was pregnant with Gideon I took a picture of myself every week so I could see my belly growing and it's one of my favorite things to look back on. I'm planning to do the same this time. Maybe I'll get around to posting all of those 30 odd pictures sometime soon. Here's my six week picture for BabySnider #2:

Silas took this picture when I was making a frowny face, but it turned out to be the best photo for my purposes.

See, I really am happy!

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  1. My kids are almost exactly 2 years apart (3 days separate their birthdays) and I didn't know what to expect from my firstborn. He loves his sister so much! From the time she was born through today, he just thinks she's so fun and he's great with her. Yay!

    Might be good for your sanity later if you tell people you are due in July. Ya know how people can be.

    Excited for you!


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