Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Quilts, Cardigans, and Soup. Also, when I'm old.

My sister just posted a recipe for Chicken Tortilla soup on her blog. And I just got to thinking about how much I would LOVE some chicken tortilla soup right now. But I don't have any chicken. Sadness. Maybe later in the week.

I had fittings for my models last night and I should be sewing alterations right now since the run-through is tomorrow night. But the only thing I'm motivated to do right now is make soup and make a Cathedral Window quilt. Oh, and sit here in bed in my yoga pants and cardigan.

I love cardigans. I love quilts too. Right now I have three and a half cut out and the fabric for three more set aside.

I'm going to be a crazy quilt lady who sits around sewing in cardigans when I'm old. My grandchildren will come visit me and I'll make soup and cookies and hot cocoa and let them sew together scraps on the sewing machine.  And when we're done sewing we'll watch The Philadelphia Story and eat kettle corn and chocolate bars. I'm going to be an awesome grandma.

For now, though, I should probably, like, get dressed and make the most of Gideon's nap time.

But for the record I'D RATHER BE QUILTING!!!


  1. Carrie, Reading to KnowDecember 9, 2011 at 8:02 PM

    HAHAhahahaha...you will be an awesome grandma.

  2. Quilts are the best; mine have always been practical, patchwork or t-shirt quilts but all made with love.
    Elisabeth, sent you a question yesterday as to when you leave for OR. Would like to send $ for Gideon's Christmas present but not sure where to send...pls advise. Love, Grandma Jordan


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