Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Things to do while the husband is gone.

My husband is coming home tonight after a 4 day business trip. I hate it when he's gone. He has to travel maybe 4 or 5 times a year for work. Did I mention I hate it when he's gone? This time around I tried to find a silver lining in his absence, though, and have made a list of things I get to do when Silas is gone that I wouldn't otherwise.

#1. Paint my nails. The fumes give Silas an instant head ache so I can never do it when he's home. I actually had no time for this due to being sick and finals. But this is my usual "entertain myself while Silas is gone" activity.

#2. Let the baby fall asleep in bed. We're usually pretty strict about Gideon going to bed on time and in his own bed so that we can have our grown up time in the evenings. With Silas gone I let Gideon sleep in my bed one night. How else would I discover that Gideon's preferred sleeping position is his face on my face?

#3. Eat hot ham and cheese sandwiches for dinner. Silas hates ham. I love ham. I love Swiss chese. Silas hates swiss chese. But I never buy either because, as previously stated, Silas hates them. But with Silas gone I went out and bought both and have been enjoying my little treat!

#4. Ignore the laundry. Silas owns exactly 5 sets of clothing. This means I have to do laundry every 4 days. And it annoys me. But with Silas gone I haven't had to do laundry at all! Whoohoo!

#5. Leave the butter out. Silas gets really annoyed when I leave the butter out on the counter. I like to leave it out so when I try to spread it on stuff it actually spreads. Silas claims it goes rancid. So when Silas is home I always put the butter away in the fridge. And this week? I left it out :)

So there's my list of consolation prizes for Silas being gone. But I'd trade them all for him being home! Only a couple more hours till he arrives!


  1. Haha sounds like some good stuff. I love it when I have time to paint my nails. I always feel like I'm pampering myself.


  2. Very funny. I'm glad you can find a silver lining. Is Silas familiar with the butter bell? Soft butter, never rancid. It's good that Gideon's favorite sleeping position isn't his butt on your face. Of course, that could change in the future. Lecture time... paint fumes are not good for pregnant people, even small bottles of paint. /lecture

  3. Ham & Swiss sounds yummy! I leave the butter out too..... cold hard butter tears up your bread! I'll have to check into the butter bell too.... thanks Terri! :-)

  4. You remind me so much of me when Jesse is gone. Today I'm home alone ... Jesse had a to work today and I'm sick (therefore, I can't go to work). So I'm finishing decorating the house and wrapping gifts. It's nice to get some of this stuff done now since I would be rushing later this week (evening of the 24th!). That's my silver lining for being home sick and alone today. ;)


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