Saturday, January 14, 2012

Return from the Epic Roadtrip

Oh! Hey guys! You're still here!

I haven't been blogging because for the past month we've been on an epic Christmas road trip that involved traveling through 16 states and logging over 100 hours of driving broken up over 12 or so days. Basically, we drove to Oregon for Christmas.

We had a wonderful time visiting with family and Silas and I took an overnight (Without Gideon!) trip to Seattle to scope out possible neighborhoods and search for a midwife. When we started home for Pittsburgh we took Ellie with us so she could come for a visit. We stopped in Arkansas to visit Silas's grandparents on the way home.

Through all of this Gideon has been growing up and becoming more and more of a little boy (complete with a variety of fart and burp sounds) and my belly has been getting bigger. I'll be 17 weeks on Monday. I feel little baby kicks every now and then. It's wonderful.

School has started and this quarter promises to be much less hectic. I'll be posting again with more updates and pictures from our trip soon, so see you again soon!


  1. You look beautiful. :) Glad your Christmas trip was awesome. :)

  2. It was so awesome to see all four of you! Please come again soon. The Nelson Hotel is always open for you. :)


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