Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snider Snippets

I'm loving being pregnant. Baby Snider's sweet little baby kicks bring a smile to my face several times a day. Gideon has learned to say 'baby' and every time he sees one he goes "Baybeee! Aw!" and tries to give it a kiss. My heart melts.

Gideon is such a big boy. He's weaned. He hardly needs help at the table. When he picks his nose and gets a boogie on his finger he comes up to me, shoves his hand in my face and says "Ew!!!" He also gives raspberries every time he sees a piece of exposed skin.

I'm set up a tiny sewing corner in my living room. The attic I use as my studio isn't heated so it's a bit cold to work up there and I love getting to spend my sewing time with Silas and Gideon. I finished piecing my latest quilt top so I'll post a picture of that soon.

We went and got a Costco membership last week. Life. Changed. I just want to go there all the time now. It's a good thing it's across the city from me. Also, I will never ever be out of muffins again.

Silas and I have been renewing our love for board games recently. I bought him Shadows Over Camelot for Christmas which is a cooperative game. We've played with two different groups of people and lost both times. But I have high hopes for next time. It's super fun.

My best friend from high school got married today. I couldn't make it to the wedding, but I was reminded of being a teenager and wishing to be married. Of the five of us girls who were good friends in high school, four of us are now married and we're all aged 23 and under. And we were afraid of being old maids. Ha.

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  1. Crazy, isn't it :D How life changes!


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